Free NexusUI Turns Your Web Browser Into A Music Controller

free-open-source-javascript-music-controllerNexusUI is a free JavaScript library of audio interface components lets you turn your Web browser into a music controller.

NexusUI is not a ‘canned solution’, but is a set of components that can be used to build custom interfaces.

Because they are built with Javascript, interfaces based on NexusUI can run in a Web browser. And they can be used to integrate directly with the Web Audio API in the browser, or to transmit OSC to apps like Max, SuperCollider or Chuck.

NexusUI is designed to be mobile-friendly and multi-touch compatible. It can be used to enable large-scale collaborative performances, by distributing music interfaces via the Web. This makes your music controller available to anyone with a Web browser, which is now something that many people carry in their pocket.

You can get details on NexusUI at the NexusOSC site.

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