32 thoughts on “The Prodigy – Nasty

    1. I thought the same thing. But the question remains….Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so, I actually liked the song.

    2. Agreed, but I’m OK with it. It’s like they’ve chosen the Beasite Boys road. Keep doing what you love. TO be fair it was largely Liams ‘sound’ to start with so he can keep producing it.

      1. Dammit! Ninja’d on the Venture Bros. episode reference.
        VH1 vids being your only social lifeline and being stuck in the abandoned tunnels of a super scientist’s compound can do odd things to you.

      2. What could be so full of Venture-Win is if Dean started on the path of modular synthesis and became a hard core techno act to compete against Shallow Gravy. Oh and if Wild Fop turns out to be Morrissey!

  1. I dunno

    Been years since I cared about this band. Fondly remember crowd reaction when I used to mix their XL recordings stuff back in the day, but they seemed to settle into this “punktronica” feel and I don’t feel that.

    There’s a place for guitars and a place for breaks and synth stabs, and it ain’t in the same room.

    Kind of wondering when Keith Flint will stop pretending to be Johnny Lyndon and grow up a little. His nasal voice is really quite the irritant. But then some people like that perhaps.

    This is certainly for their fans, and maybe for some of the old schoolers, but it ain’t really a respectful nod to the old school either.

    A bit disappointed, was hoping they were gonna come up with new ideas and sounds. Maybe they are just happy keeping the sound that their fans expect of them?

    Cool video tho

  2. If it were any different than this, it wouldn’t be “The Prodigy” I don’t expect anything less, only more good from the rest of the album.

  3. Can’t believe there’s so many positive comments about this “tune”. Doesn’t anyone feel like it’s just a pathetic attempt to align the sound of their previous awful (mostly) album to the sound of Pendulum or something (just hear the beats). It’s really disappointing, I’ll just keep hope alive there will be more decent tunes on that album. And yeah, Keith should STFU already, he doesn’t sound nearly as fresh as in Firestarter&Breathe times.

    And how the hell does it even compare to what they’ve done 20 years ago? It’s just effing heaven and earth. Anyone who has ears and knows what the old school was about wouldn’t ever say this tune sounds like “those days”, seriously.

  4. Listening to this just save me 13 bucks on iTunes. I had high hopes but was surprised to hear that it sounded just like fat of the land (but not as good) still might be fun to see live

  5. We are finally seeing this era of music reach it’s “adult contemporary” stage. It’s like hearing that Bon Jovi is playing at the casino near you. Some people are going to love the hell out of it. Others… not so much.

  6. FAIL!
    Sorry prodigy, but where are the noise and digital hard/grindcore you put in your teaser???
    This sounds 0% like the teaser and 100% like what you always did.

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