Route Audio From iOS To Mac Via USB With Audiomux


AppBC has released audiomux – an app that lets you route audio, between iOS devices and Macs, using a USB cable.

audiomux is the first app capable of streaming audio from iOS to Mac, via the standard 30pin/lightning USB cable. The app is designed to let you use your iOS apps like you would use a plugin.

AppBC is the maker of midimux, which routes MIDI between iOS & Mac over USB.

Here’s a video demo of the audiomux + midimux combo in action:

At the technical level, audiomux creates a virtual audio device for each iDevice connected to the Mac. since the audio is transferred digitally via USB, the audio received on either side is transparent, without any loss of signal quality and done at very low latency.


  • stream audio from your iOS Apps to your Mac and vice versa
  • Audiobus integration ensures immediate compatibility with countless iOS music Apps
  • connect multiple iOS devices to your Mac, each will create its own audio device
  • low cpu usage – so you can keep using all your apps
  • very low latency via USB


  • audiomux needs a small helper app installed on the Mac. See the midimux site for details.
  • audiomux is compatible with Mac OSX 10.9 and up
  • Requires Audiobus
  • iOS 7 and up

audiomux is available now for US $6.99 in the App Store.

According to AppBC, a bundle of audiomux & midimux is going to be available for $9.99, effectively making audiomux free to midimux owners, so existing midimux users may want to watch for this to be made available.

16 thoughts on “Route Audio From iOS To Mac Via USB With Audiomux

  1. Please define “very low latency” and also specify jitter, measured empirically.

    “Very low”, we have learned, often means things very different from what normal people might assume.

    If one has actual measured and repeatable empirical data and is not making things up, these numbers will be at one’s fingertips and readily available to publish in the response right here to my request.


    1. they don’t. You have to record your synth parts and then adjust the audio so it runs in sync with other parts running in your DAW

  2. looks promising, are there plans to support 10.8.5? Or is it impossible. A LOT of us have stayed there as it has been the most stable osx since 10.6.8, but were forced to move to mountain lion when NI forced our hands etc….. I would get this in a heartbeat if it supported ML!

    1. Why down votes for a reasonable question that has been spoken about by the dev themselves in regards to it’s sister product? Do people just hate ML or something? or OSX? sheesh, honest question….

  3. I have had Midimux working since last weekend. Here are my findings:

    1) It works.
    2) I have no way of objectively measuring latency, but my observation whatever latency exists, it is unnoticeable.
    2) Midimux works pretty well with iOS 5.1.1 (still trying to milk some more useful life out of my iPad 1), but is much better with iOS 8.

    I will be downloading Audiomux when they get the bundle approved with Apple. I’ll report back soon.

  4. I purchased the whole package. It’s not as simple as the advertising would have you believe. I had many discussions back and forth with Support and although very helpful, they admitted that my goal of achieving their promise of “Audio Streamed To You Mac” is not yet possible.

    1. but.. that’s exactly what i’m doing with audiomux right now? streaming audio from my iPad to my Mac.
      what do you want to achieve that’s not possible yet?

  5. Odd….I have Midimux working fine on late2011 MBP with 10.8.5, cabled to iPad Air .
    but & here’s the thing …I have what looks like Audiomux running ok on iPad Air ( red band across top of screen saying “Audiomux Recording”. , but zip on the MBP in live….have the icon on the Mac saying Audiomux loaded …but no sign in ANY of the options in live setup.
    Even followed a few vids to make sure setup was right, ..installed on OS X a few times ,just in case…
    Anyone else getting this oddity ?

  6. UPDATE.
    Guess these guys are sorting the OS X side, appears to be a new driver 1.0.12 available from the website for 10.8.5, which now works. 🙂

    Midimux works well with minimal latency, very playable & Audiomux to live sounds great.

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