Tangerine Dream Thief Soundtrack Getting Vinyl Reissue


The iconic Tangerine Dream soundtrack for Thief, Michael Mann’s directorial debut in 1981, is getting reissued on vinyl through Audio Fidelity.

The Thief soundtrack was extremely unusual for its time and is considered by many to be one of Tangerine Dream’s greatest soundtracks.

The pressing will be on 180-gram virgin vinyl. The reissue will be released on August 21st.

There doesn’t appear to be info on the rerelease up yet at the Audio Fidelity site, but it’s available for preorder at some distributors.


Side 1
1. Beach Theme
2. Dr. Destructo
3. Diamond Diary
4. Burning Bar
Side 2
5. Scrap Yard
6. Trap Feeling
7. Igneous
8. Confrontation

10 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream Thief Soundtrack Getting Vinyl Reissue

  1. Awesome! Hope they’ll do Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack for “The Keep” next. And possibly Popol Vuh’s soundtracks for Herzog’s films.

  2. Ha! Still have the original LP. But Tangram Set 1&2 are still my favorite TD LP.
    I still don’t get the Vinyl hype. Vinyl and the old analog methods are absolutely inferior to modern digital technics. I love my old LPs, but they are not even half as good in sound quality than any average digital mix. it’s an anachronism.

    1. You’re not wrong, but its not that black and white either. The modern reissues tend to use superior modern masters, so they generaly sound fairly excellent. The Kraftwerk Reissues are a great example. They sound immense. On the other hand my original Human League ‘Dare’ vinyl doesn’t sound as god at my CD, but i haven’t heard what the remastered vinyl sounds like.

      However, putting that aside, the attraction to Vinyl goes beyond sound alone. Theres something about the size of the LP and the artwork, and the ritual of putting it on the turntable and dropping the needle, flipping sides etc. that makes it more of an event that paying a CD, or playing an mp3 off an iPod.

      So you’re not wrong, a good CD master to my ears does sound better than a vinyl, but a CD, and most definitely a digital file, will never have the connection with an album as a complete product (music, artwork, physical medium) the way vinyl does.

  3. I loved this movie. Soundtrack is really awesome as well. I usually don’t get in to soundtracks. Cheers!

  4. this is a cool record for sure but its projects like this that are gumming up the pressing plants and screwing up release dates for smaller independent artists and labels… this LP is easily found in dollar bins all over the US does it really need a repress??

  5. Great to hear. Kevin Gray’s mastering of the Blade Runner soundtrack is amazing – and that was from a high-res files of the original masters. This should be great, and nice to see Confrontation will be there. Just this morning I listened to the European Virgin CD – lots of thumping bass, guitars are sharp. Great stuff.

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