Moog Mother 32 Audio Demo

This video, via AskAudio Mag, captures an audio demo of the Moog Mother 32 synthesizer.

The Mother-32 is a semi-modular all-in-one synth, that works as a stand-alone instrument or can be incorporated into a Eurorack modular setup.

Architecturally, Mother-32 is a single-VCO Moog synth voice – but with 32 audio and control voltage patch points, a built-in sequencer and ‘Moog sound.’ At $599, the Mother-32 promises to be a inexpensive standalone Moog synth module and also a starting point for building a Eurorack modular system.

Pricing and Availability

The Moog Mother-32 is available now, shipping worldwide with a street price of US $599. More information is available at the Moog Music website.

12 thoughts on “Moog Mother 32 Audio Demo

      1. yeah ha…
        awesome demo! all synths should be as lucky to get a demo like this that users can buy knowing what it will actually do in a musical situation.

        the ms20 influence is clear here, tho the mini is less expensive just lacks a sequencer. ms20 plus the lil sequencer box from korg that came with the bigger module version would be a great similar setup but yeah would be nice to compare the filters and behavior like this too.

    1. They’re completely different animals, with different architectures, different sound, etc.

      The Mother 32, though, is going to integrate better with other gear, because it’s using modern voltage standards.

  1. Yeah I like the moog…and there’s nothing better than a moog at making the sound a moog typically makes…but while it’s a fantastic sound it seems to have a limited palate, particularly with the mother 32. What I’ve heard sounds good but pretty similar, and adding effects like reverb while sounding glorious when paired with the moog, would make many synths sound excellent. I guess you get a moog for that specific wonderful sound. But if your budget is a little limited the moog mother isn’t going to cover enough territory on its own. It’s prob better for a musician that already has several synths. I guess it frustrates me that while I hear a fantastic sound, I don’t hear much diversity and individual artistry in the patches and sound demos so far.

    1. I’ve liked that Moog’s demos for this are actually a lot more musical than a lot of synth demos – which usually are either random tweaking or dubstep.

      If you’re budget is limited – you gotta decide whether you buy quality gear that does a limited number of things really well – like the Mother 32 or a Dark Star – or if you buy cheap gear with tons of features (the JD-Xi is probably the leading candidate for that).

      I don’t think you’ll have people in love with their JD-Xi’s and Volcas in 10 years. But I’d bet that there will be a ton of people that are still using their Mother 32’s – and probably that have graduated on to larger modular rigs.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Moog follows up their initial Mother 32 demo videos with some that really show off oatchability and integration with other modules.

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