Pioneer DJ + Dave Smith Toraiz SP-16 Sampler At Musikmesse 2016


At Musikmesse 2016, Pioneer DJ and Dave Smith Instruments introduced the Toraiz SP-16 Sampler.

Here’s a video overview, via Sonic State:

The sampler features an touch screen and layout, 16 sampler engines, dual analog filters based on Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6 synthesizer and quantize via Pro DJ Link.

Pricing and Availability

The TORAIZ SP-16 will be available this summer (2016) with a suggested retail price of €1,599. For more information, check out the Pioneer DJ site.

19 thoughts on “Pioneer DJ + Dave Smith Toraiz SP-16 Sampler At Musikmesse 2016

    1. I believe both the screen and the pads are RGB, it has all the colours, so much more than an Octatrack.

      Look at the display and pads again in the top picture, it isn’t pure. But look at the top row, that row alone has three distinct hues, a purple, violet and magenta on both the pads and display.

      Looking and seeing aren’t the same, I see 12 distinct hues across those pads.

      1. Im sorry my sarcasm went over your head. I thinks its garish and looks like a Fisher Price childs toy. Maybe it sounds great and is a joy to use, but visually, for me, its a turn off.

        1. It half went over my head, I did muse on it being sarcastic, but was swayed otherwise. As the understanding would be you can make that thing as colourful as you like, or not. So it was really the lack of thinking behind the sarcasm that I found unconvincing. So rather than call out an idiot, I got to hoping that personage had a poor screen setup. I was wrong to do so.

          It is RGB, I don’t think you are still getting that bit. It is as garish you make it, it is RGB. You can have a useful rainbow interface. You can have an all white interface to get lost in. In that case it would be a black box with white lights, with no visual clues – if for some odd reason crippled work-flows excite! Why not switch the LED’s off while you are at it? Disconnect the screen, great. You won’t even know it is on, that’s better. Engage.

  1. I need to buy a new replacement for my old MPC sampler/sequecers, I hope Akai reacts to these new standalone product.

  2. What an absurdly expensive device. Hopefully the sound and build quality is good, and the filter isn’t only a global thing like Dave suggested – seems to me you might want to filter one sample while another plays unfiltered.

  3. This is a winner with 8 cheesey to see DJ written on the front.The outputs is vital for any new sampler for sequencing and working via a mixing desk. Dave smith is the man.

  4. This looks like it has so much promise depending on the software they come up with it. They didn’t talk about effects so it is unknown if there will be track-specific effects or if it will be global sends. Only gripe I have now is that a 16 step sequencer seems a bit limited. Hopefully they’ll have parameter locking per step like an Elektron does.

    Big touchscreen is a plus, will be nice for editing sampled content.

    If they get the software right it may justify the price.

  5. And the winner is pioneer toraiz sp-16
    If you want to have fun creating music on the fly
    This toraiz sp-16 is a beast sorry Akai Mpc touch
    I have both and Akai Mpc touch crash so much
    Before you even start making music. Being able to
    Sit and relax and make music is a joy I love how the toraiz automatic sync samples I love it
    You just load up sample and your done.
    What I did was just set my eight bar 4bar sample
    In my computer then I load them into toraiz sp16
    Sync perfect to midi. I can go on its just to much
    And this maschine still have update coming
    Just my opinion I’m loving this machine
    I’m telling you Akai and native instirments
    Need to follow suit. If you want simple and fun
    Hardware instrument then the toraiz sp16 I think is a winner

    1. Not gonna lie I just ordered one of these and I’m stoked! I must note though, the longest sample that can be played is 32 seconds, they need to lift that limit so we can play whole tracks like actually having 16 CDJ’s playing at once to really make this something that will help launch their Toraiz line into having a good reputation for the rest of their future Toraiz line products. They need to have pad banks too where you can have more than just the 16 pads playing or looping at once. Also need pad polyphony and to add the RMX1000 effects, would be dope if they had an isolator eq in there. Pioneer if you’re reading this, please step up rise to the occasion, and show us you’re the answer to our prayers with your new firmware updates!

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