Waves Electric Grand 80 Recreates Classic Yamaha CP-80 Sound

Waves has introduced Electric Grand 80 – a new virtual instrument, based on the classic Yamaha CP-80, used by Vangelis, Elton John, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock and others.


The Waves version brings to life this electro-acoustic sound, with features from the original such as tone controls and tremolo. Also included is Sustain Resonance, which controls the simulated sympathetic resonance of un-played strings – perfect for adding depth to long chords and solos alike.

The instrument’s mixer section lets you blend four separately sampled sounds from the original piano: the main sound, the key up, the internal mechanics and the sustain pedal. With high-quality effects plus a studio-grade compressor and limiter included, you now have everything you need to play Electric Grand 80 in the studio or live on stage.

Here are examples of Vangelis in action with the original:


  • Sampled from the classic 80-model electric grand piano
  • Includes tone controls from the original instrument
  • Mix section for adding different sampled sounds from the original (key up, mechanics, sustain pedal)
  • Compressor and limiter included
  • Effects include tremolo, autopan, phaser, chorus, reverb
  • Can be played as a plugin or a standalone instrument

Pricing and Availability

Electric Grand 80 Piano is available now for US $39 (intro price, normally $69.)

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