Dato Duo Synth For Two (Sneak Preview)

Dato Musical Instruments shared this sneak preview of their final prototype of the Dato Duo ‘synth for two’.

The Dato Duo combines a synthesizer and sequencer into an electronic instrument that is designed to be used by children and adults alike. While one player plays a melody on the sequencer side, the other creates its sound and adds percussion on the synthesizer side.

Pricing and Availability

The Dato Duo is available for pre-order now for €329.00 and is expected to ship in May, 2017.

21 thoughts on “Dato Duo Synth For Two (Sneak Preview)

  1. This thing is still around? And still at that price? With all the other synths available these days at or below this price, I really can’t see the pyramid design being that much of a draw to overcome their competition. I could buy a Volca and sit next to my child and have the same experience, or hell, get 3 used Volcas for the same price.

    1. You could choose to eat at McDonald’s …. or you could choose to go the independent place down the road, pay a little more to try something new but most importantly support the individual…. choice’s we make every day.

      1. you must have a very healthy disposable income to compare making a choice of where to buy a burger with buying a synth. One typically has little impact on ones budget, while the other does. It’s not a decision of little consequence for many.

        1. I think the comparison was not based on a single trip to one restaurant. Given how much a typical person spends for meals out, the comparison is valid.

          Perhaps a more important point is: do we want to support new and innovative ways of doing things. Obviously, if a product is not worth getting, then don’t support it. But with things like the OP-1, or VAXMIDI or some other little random items, it is nice to get something of value that isn’t made by the big 3.

      2. Korg are hardly the McDonald’s equivalent of the synth world. In fact synths and food aren’t really even equatable. You’re analogy is bogus. A more suitable analogy might be “why would I buy this really expensive car that I don’t like the look of rather than these three other cheap cars that I do like the look of”

  2. I got a novation circuit recently, and this is already 1000% fun with kids. It is much more playable, has much more leds (yeeeeeeah, funny), has much more buttons, offers much more possibilities. and that’s half the price.

    Before that I would let my nephews fiddle with a monotron, and they could play for ages (which for a kid amounts in a few minutes, but eh…) with it.

    So, 329 dollars for a single oscillator with so few sonic possibi… oh well, why am I arguing here.

  3. I have a prototype of this and my child and his friends have a great time playing with it, over and over again. I think the discussion of cost is silly. You can always find something less expensive that satisfies X, Y, or Z need. It’s a race to the bottom. I celebrate the options that are available. It’s not all about cost – it’s also about interface and difference.
    I kind of admire people who buy their soundmaking devices solely on price and value, but that’s not the fun of it for me. I could just use red pepper flakes for a seasoning, but having many different spices is more fun.
    “If you want to change your photographs, you need to change cameras. Changing cameras means that your photographs will change. A really good camera has something I suppose you might describe as its own distinctive aura.” – Nobuyoshi Araki (h/t TokyoCameraStyle)

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