Bitwig Studio 2 Now Available

Bitwig has announced that Bitwig Studio 2, the first major update to the multiplatform DAW, is now available.

Bitwig Studio 2 expands on the modularity introduced in version 1 with Nested Device Chains and Modulator Devices.

In Bitwig Studio 2, the modularity concept has been developed further. The entire modulation system has been reworked and the idea of modulators has been reimagined. 

Key Features Of Bitwig Studio 2

Modulators – Bitwig Studio 2 comes with 25 new modulators, from standard modulators like envelopes and LFOs to more unique modulator types, like Random, Select-4 and Math.

Each device in Bitwig Studio 2 (internal devices and external plug-ins) has individual modulation slots where an unlimited number of modulators can be added and assigned to any number of parameters.

Furthermore, the Modulators can also be interconnected for additional sound design possibilities. When using internal Bitwig instruments, many modulators can be set to polyphonic mode, enabling per-voice modulation—something previously seen only in closed systems.


New Devices

Apart from totally re-conceptualizing the modulation system and introducing a new class of Modulator devices, Bigwig also has expanded the standard device collection.

Here’s a list of the new additions:

Other Updates

Pricing and Availability

Bitwig Studio 2 is available now via selected retailers and in the Bitwig webshop. A free demo version is ready also available.

Bitwig Studio 2 Absolute Beginner’s Guide
For the Launch of Bitwig Studio 2, Bitwig and have teamed up with Bitwig Certified Professional Thavius Beck to create the Bitwig Studio 2 Absolute Beginner’s Guide, which is available in our webshop.