The Acoustic Sounds Of A Vintage Minimoog

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Berlin-based skinnerbox, explores the idea of making music with the acoustic sounds of a Minimoog synthesizer. 

Here’s what they told us about the video:

“Hey, dear Synthopians, we did a short video, in which we use our good old minimoog as the only sound source, but rather differently. We used the sounds of the pots and the switches, etc. to compose a short rhythmic video.”

13 thoughts on “The Acoustic Sounds Of A Vintage Minimoog

    1. you can solder your own switches in ,as its not rocket science and have even better switches then the original.

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  1. Isn’t acoustics more about room characteristics really? I mean, if i buy a moog, is there any guarantee it would sound like this at my place?

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  2. This definitively makes the point that synths with wood sound better than cheap plastic ones.

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  3. I have the Moog re-issue and it has to be said…the blue switches dont have that same crisp “snap” sound as in the video and the original Moogs. When you flick the switches on the new Mini in the same way as on the video including several at once its more of a dull “thud”. I do believe Moog has admitted they are a different design to the original rokkers ie. not interchangeable. A few ppl have commented on their forum that the new switches dont have the same kind of decisive “snap” as the original and hey…they were told they were being pedantic and to get over it.

    But seeing as this video brought this to light, there you go.

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    1. I was reading the same thing too. I was just hoping people were being overly picky but that’s slowly not becoming the case. Makes me appreciate a classic minimoog now.

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  4. as this is no longer under patent ,there should be many more clones come on china ,behringer and any other auido hacker give us the moogalator designed to go where no moog has gone before

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