New App, Kontrol, Lets You DJ With Traktor From Your Apple Watch

Developer Alexander Nowak let us know about his free MIDI controller app, Kontrol, designed to be used with Native Instruments Traktor DJ software.

The iOS app is designed for wirelessly controlling Traktor from your iPhone or iPad, and it’s now been updated to let you control it from an Apple Watch.

Functions like loop and FX controls, hotcues, play/pause and a crossfader are now accessible right from your wrist. It also lets you jump a few bars back and forth on Deck A and B.

“While it’s debatable if it makes sense to play through a set on a 1.7 inch screen,” notes Nowak, “it’s definitely good enough for a little stunt in a live set.”

Check out the demo and let us know what you think of putting a MIDI controller on your wrist.

Pricing and Availability

Kontrol is available as a free download from Google Play and the iOS App Store.