New iOS App, Seaquence, Pairs Serious Synthesis With A Fun Interface

Okaynokay has introduced Seaquence – a new iOS music app that lets you compose with collections of musical ‘creatures’.

As the virtual creaturs ‘swim around’ your view, the app generates a spatialized mix, resulting in organic sounding compositions. Seaquence is designed to be ‘visually immersive and sonically dynamic’.

The app is a free download from the App Store, with an In-App purchase that unlocks deeper capabilities. 

Features (Free Version):

  • Fully featured polyphonic synthesis module with support of up to 5 note polyphony per voice
  • Dynamic spatial mixer and stereo-panning engine
  • A true multitouch experience, up to 11 simultaneous touch points supported.
  • Unique swimming physics and swim behaviors — swim patterns are based on synth voice parameters
  • Up to 8 voices can be heard simultaneously
  • Precision, sample-based clock and sequencing engine
  • Intuitive visual multitouch voice editor
  • 16×16 multitouch sequencer matrix
  • Chromatic scale editor
  • Octave editor
  • Amplitude envelope + length (ADSR+L) with curves and “hold”
  • 5 oscillator waveform shapes: Square, Saw, Tri, Sin, Noise
  • Social sharing features — Get a link to share your creations to friends
  • Parent links are maintained — trace back the history of a composition, see who remixed your creations

Features of Seaquence Complete (In-App Purchase):

  • State-variable filter with hi-pass, band-pass, lo-pass, and notch modes
  • Filter attack envelope with resonance Q and curve editor.
  • Swing/Shuffle
  • Note step editor: 1/1 to 1/64, including triplets
  • Global transpose
  • Tempo/BPM
  • Portamento/Glide with curve editor
  • Additional voice modes in addition to Polyphonic:
  • Monophonic with sub-oscillator tuned to a 5th
  • Unison with Detune
  • Delay FX module with feedback and individual voice FX-Send
  • MIDI Notes In/Out: Send/Receive MIDI notes from external gear, up to 16 MIDI channels, addressable per voice
  • MIDI Ctrl In/Out: Send/Receive MIDI ctrl data from external gear, up to 16 MIDI channels, addressable per voice
  • MIDI clock sync: master or slave

9 thoughts on “New iOS App, Seaquence, Pairs Serious Synthesis With A Fun Interface

  1. I was playing around with the Seaquence demo for a while, then I once again played a favorite, Stria, from apeSoft, to compare. Night and day difference. I don’t want another limited beat oriented gimmicky app, I want to use an app that allows interesting sound design. I just deleted Seaquence.

    1. I have been working with milliseconds in my sound design for almost ten years now. I started with a little calculator back in the day and template sheets with all the note values and note correlations, after a few years I could do it all from memory, and now know most of the millisecond values in bpm tempos off the top of my head. Anybody that uses fx in creative ways, especially delays and creating FX blooms will understand what I am saying.

      This level of millisecond knowledge is now just another language to me and as a result I can work super fast when creating loops from any sound source, cool delay fx beyond the cliched stuff and all manner beat building from ANY sound.

      Most hardware synths have ignored the creative use of bpm let alone working on a milliseconds level. Physical rotary dials that often after years of use can no longer easily dial into accurate tempos without fiddling, iOS apps that give you usually a 20 bpm level at best, etc.

      I use Stria as well and it also sets a limit of 20 bpm, the fact is there are entirely new sound worlds in the use of super slow bpm rates. I have explored these worlds in a round about ways even with the bpm limitations set by manufacturers for almost ten years now and have been using Sound Forge for almost 20 years now.

      Seaquence allows me to go as low as 1 bpm scaling. For me this is a great feature and why the $7 I spent was a no brainer. Using an iDock most of my hundreds of apps get recorded into Sound Forge and then bastardized to my hearts content. I rarely do any in app stuff beyond synth design etc.

      The wife and I went to see Kong yesterday we spent more on the movie than I spent on Stria and Seaquence combined. I am an audioaholic and to my ears everything to me is a potential sound source for manipulation in Sound Forge and being able to take things down to 1 bpm in a $7 app is worth it and about time that some developer realized the creative use of total bpm freedom. Obviously those that never go any deeper than just dialing up bpms will never understand that benefits of working with milliseconds vs just bpm, and to me that’s fine but having been working in milliseconds ten years now, anything that lets me dial stuff down into the netherworld tempos is useful to me. JMHO’s of course

  2. Downloaded it yesterday and immediately made the IAP. This has been fun to play with all day and I’m looking forward to hooking it up to some gear this weekend.

  3. Downloaded app, as I was really interested in IAP features specifically midi external.HOWEVER I was very disappointed to see that the IAP fails to deliver,and very worryingly there is no in app indication of version and installation.Developer needs to do a lot better, interesting app ,would have been really fun if implemented properly

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