New DAW, Amped Studio, Runs Natively Or As A Browser-Based Web App

Amptrack Technologies has introduced Amped Studio, a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that can be run ‘natively’ or as a cloud-based application.

Tracks can also be synced to the cloud, allowing you to work anywhere and opening up new options for collaboration.


  • Amped Studio includes:
    • Hybrid Studio – Online Web-based version and Native desktop version.
    • Hybrid Tracks – Handles both audio and MIDI regions.
    • Track Device Chain – Add instruments and effects in the same chain. Ability to add more than one instrument per track.
    • Automatic Time Stretching.
    • Integrated Sound Library.
    • Recording.
    • Web Plugs – Ported VSTi´s to our cloud based format. Audition and use 3rd party virtual instruments and effects that work in Amped Studio.
  • Comes with Free Access to:
    • A selection of free library sounds.
    • Drumpler – Virtual drum machine.
    • Volt Mini Synth – Powerful Virtual Analog software synthesizer.
    • GM Player – Full General MIDI bank of more than 128 instrument patches.
      EQ – Equalizer with high and low-pass filtering.
    • Reverb – Good sounding and easy-to-use reverb.
    • 4 Web Plugin Synths – 2 virtual analog, 1 FM Synthesis, 1 Organ.
  • Premium Access also includes:
    • Volt Synth – Full version with multiple oscillators.
    • Access to full premium sound library.
    • Ability to import, save and publish externally recorded content, including loops, vocal tracks and more.

Pricing and Availability

Amped Studio is free to use and download, with payment required for access to more sounds, virtual Instruments and effects. The web version is directly available at and the native version is available for download upon registering. Premium Access is available for $4.99 USD per month or $49.99 USD per year.

6 thoughts on “New DAW, Amped Studio, Runs Natively Or As A Browser-Based Web App

  1. This is really a sign of times… some things I like, some things I don’t. I like being able to access my daw anywhere on anything… web based software is definetly a growing thing… but the subscription and “unlock premium synthesizer” or just use the limited one…idk that sounds really narrow on what you get out of the box. It’s priced well. Strangely enough… I think that one day people, like collecting music” will acknowledge all material digital this as commodities that are payed for to access. Everyone basically have a portable screen/touch monitor that they access their virtual computer on, this computer is cloud based and houses all the subscribed apps you buy… music daws, Adobe software, Microsoft, etc… the world of physical things and ownership is going away…

  2. I wonder if software will someday work like streaming services– where you pay a monthly fee and whenever you use software, it will pay THAT developer.

    The industry may embrace these changes– subscription-based software, free-feature-stripped-demo-versions, web-based apps, etc. And they are fine, in-and-of-themselves.

    I still hope that a brave group of developers will continue to release software the traditional way.

  3. Web browser based apps are not something I use, there basically running on top of a 2nd OS, that is HTML5. This causes a negative impact on processor resources. A don’t want my DAW to have to run the browser and then the DAW.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, App Rental makes this DAW dead in the water before it’s released.

    I’ll pass.

  4. I like the idea of browser-based applications for noodling around. There are a lot of fun shader programming environments for visuals. I don’t think of DAWs in the same vein.

    The big positive is that a free, browser-based option makes it accessible to people that can’t afford computers or paid software; someone could play with this their school computer lab or at the library.

  5. for a long time this was like my dream haha. i love chromeOS, it’s my favorite OS since everything I do that isn’t music related is done within Chrome already.

    still, I don’t know if I have the drive to bother trying a web based DAW anytime soon. i’m so set in my ways… i am really glad to see this is finally starting to become a reality though.

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