23 thoughts on “Free Yamaha CS-80 Software Synth For Windows, Arminator

    1. That’s because it was made with Synthedit with 32-bit modules. You can make 64-bit plugins with Synthedit, but you must avoid using any 32-bit modules in your project. Sadly, there really aren’t much 64-bit modules that were made.

  1. This is a wonderful creation to offer,
    Thank you.

    The GUI design is as a single page, one slider/switch/button per function, which is nice but overall it has to all fit i a limited space.
    Therefore the sliders / faders on the GUI are Limited in length – too short for fine resolution control.

    If the GUI was spread over 2 or 3 pages, might allow for longer sliders / faders.

  2. 32 bit because the engine behind the scenes here is not latest and greatest therefore while it is a very nice creation the sounds may not be too accurate compared to the real deal. Its nice visually and probably sounds quite nice under basic settings but nowhere near as polished and competent as the more expensive analog emulation plugs from Xils, Synapse Legend, U-he, Monark, Lush etc…Digital is also nice so this one does have its place but keep this in mind

  3. this is fakn beautiful!!!!
    thanks krakli. this is spot on with very familiar sounds n vibes.

    I feel sorry for all of you that have gone all 64bit.
    You know it has absolutely NOTHING to do with sound quality yeah?

    1. Yes, however it allows your DAW to address all of your RAM as opposed to 32 bit which can only address 4GB. That would be an awful waste, when one has 16GB. Projects that would make my older machine collapse barely tax my newer machine at all. I keep my old 2010 MBP as a legacy machine so I can run 32 bit plugs.

  4. Terrific synth, thank you so much!!! Captures the vibe of the cs-80 as well
    as any virtual synth I have heard, plus the soundbank is top notch.

    For those who cannot use 32bit (I am in that category): JBridge works like a charm and is 15 euros for a license. So no excuses 🙂

  5. Sdear yàmah… get with it and give me a cs-80… the reface were nice but over priced. Now a cs-80 clone, I’d pay serious cash for that.

    1. there already is a prophet vs clone. it’s called ‘augur’
      i forget who makes it, but it sounds very close to hardware……..i have one.
      it needs tweaking though, coz presets are very basic……….

      it operates a bit different than hardware version, but it still can produce what hardware can……..

  6. Sounds amazing and soo full of body

    Why does this 64 bit matter so much to distract people??

    What huge difference does it make?

    Killer synth


  7. I got this bad boy jbridged running in Cubase 9 x64 and Maschine 2 x64 with no problems.

    Some people complain. Others just get shit done 😉

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