Audio Damage Brings Grind To iOS For $4.99

Audio Damage has released Grind for iOS, a port of its ‘audio mangling powerhouse’ plugin for Mac & Windows.

AD describes Grind as ‘a Swiss Army Knife of sound design’:

This effect consists of three main blocks: wavetable lookup, in to algorithmic saturation/distortion/, and finally to a multi-mode filter with eleven different topologies, from your favorite four-pole lowpass ladder filter, to the 18dB screaming acid, to more subtle toolbox filters like notch.

Driving it all is a tempo-synced LFO for rhythmic filtering and grinding.

Grind is code-identical to their VST/AU/AAX version, and can load its presets. Also includes a stand-alone app.


  • Input gain and gate
  • Wavetable lookup distortion module with LFO modulation over 15 wavetables, and control over window size and phase. This replaces the input sample with one chosen from the selected wavetable based on input level.
  • Algorithmic distortion module. Apply one of eleven different distortion/saturation algorithms to the signal, for everything from subtle tube-style harmonic saturation to full sine driver craziness.
  • Multi-mode filter with eleven different topologies, from popular vintage synth filters to studio carving tools. The filter frequency is an LFO modulation target, making this worth the price of admission for the filter alone.
  • Tempo-synced LFO. In an AUv3 host, Grind’s LFO automatically syncs to your host, and can provide rhythmic interest to virtually any track. Mod the filter, for timbral interest, or mod the wavetable, for the full Grind destructo-effect!
  • A mix control rounds out this easy-to-use, yet deceptively intense effect. Add a little or add it all, Grind is a multi-effect that will bring any sound to life.

Pricing and Availability

Grind is available now for US $4.99 in the App Store. If you’ve used Grind, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

3 thoughts on “Audio Damage Brings Grind To iOS For $4.99

  1. very cool distortion sound that syncs via lfo to the rythm. it works in cubase, but not in Audiobus 3, because the Plug-in window has the wrong size. you cant access all the controls.

  2. Well, I thought I’d get this but couldn’t get it to work in any way. Then I was suddenly inundated with offers of assistance from helpful gentlemen. Oh how we laughed because mistakenly I had downloaded an app called Grindr instead.

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