Black Joystick Controller For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

Erica Synths has introduced the Joystick Controller module for Eurorack modular synthesizers. It generates several sets of CVs and alters incoming CV signal.


  • Four unipolar 0-10V CV outputs
  • Two bipolar -5V – +5V CV outputs
  • Two inverted -5V – +5V CV outputs
  • Two CV inputs
  • “Dead zone” in the joystick center
  • setting for 0V CV output
  • Skiff friendly design

Pricing and Availability

The Erica Synths Joystick Controller is available now for 180 EUR + 21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping.

6 thoughts on “Black Joystick Controller For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

  1. Interesting idea. Wonder if the joystick is auto-centering or if it stays where you put it like a D-50. Is it like an arcade joystick where you can change out the contact switches later on?

    Thinking about using this in a rack gave me an idea of my own: Why not add a USB port that allows you to plug in any old PC gaming controller? Would open a whole new world of controller possibilities. Steal your kid’s Xbox controllers to make some music. Imagine doing a filter sweep with a steering wheel.

  2. So….230 Euro (inc VAT) for just a joystick….you could add a few Euros and get a full 3 osc analogue synth with filter etc from Behringer.

    Love Eurorack, hate the pricing. I wish Behringer would make a range of module for under 50E each……including a joystick!

    1. I agree within my limited experience with actual modular “modules” ( have a mother-32, MS20, SQ-1 and use Motu interface for further CV modulations, I get the gist of modular, I’m not a full noob, just 52% noob)

      I have recently purchased my first case, Tiptop Audio happy Ending Kit and first modules, a CV/Audio fuckery thingie and a CV mixer..

      However during my research over the last few years I was shocked at first and now just annoyed at the prices for anything “Eurorack/modular”

      A plastic 1 level case made in some dudes garage? Ebay $800, a power supply $250, a CV splitter $150.. The list just goes on and up in price for some of the most basic of things.

      Perhaps its a just supply / demand or the fact these are not “all” mass produced like say a Roland synth.. idk, but at times I find it rather ridiculous and think, just because its “Eurorack” or “modular” people just expect and pay those prices.

      Kinda like when something is “analog” and missing half its buttons and was shit back in 1982 but now is even more shit so its on ebay for $3500 and people are freaking out over it

  3. The pricing is one aspect of modular that I can appreciate if it’s done right. I dont have a problem paying for quality.

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