18 Ways To Get More From A Korg Electribe 2 Sampler

The latest Loopop video takes a look at 18 ways to get more from a Korg Electribe 2 Sampler.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

The E2S has held up very nicely over the past couple of years. It has more sample memory than a few new devices that recently came out, supports stereo samples, and 16 different tracks, each of which can sequence internal voices or external MIDI.

These include “hacks” or tricks to effectively double the available memory (and more) by editing sample rates of samples, creating samples that are layers of oscillators, transposing the pitch of loops without changing the tempo and vice versa, and many many more.

Topics Covered:

00:10 Stereo to mono

02:00 Doubling memory

04:00 Multi osc sounds

06:55 Hidden gate knob

07:25 Multi-sound parts using OSC EDIT MOTION

11:00 Slicing 101

12:35 Pitch/Time tricks

15:30 Modulating slices

16:00 Transposing loops

16:40 Finger drum slices

17:05 Apps to edit samples

17:25 Multiple SD cards

17:45 Reverse samples

18:00 Refining samples

18:15 Extreme pitch changes

18:30 Save samples and defrag

19:45 Get an FM radio…

20:10 Much more on this channel

If you’ve got your own tips, share them in the comments!

12 thoughts on “18 Ways To Get More From A Korg Electribe 2 Sampler

  1. That’s impressive! I got rolling with a big Korg workstation early on, so I know all about working with a minimal display and a bag of “hacking” tricks. Gotta love those fields three deep that solve most any issue you may have. I went from there to using a DAW, so I never got on this particular boat, but its easier than ever to do monster work with just a couple of boxes if you wring them out. Going that route tends to slant towards EDM, but if you’re really whacked out, it can be as potent as making a workstation sweat. Its the same energy coming from different matrix points .

  2. I could be mistaken, but isn’t there no way to avoid quantization on the electribes? For me, not being able to disable quantization when laying down parts is a deal-breaker…

    1. No but there are other approaches. You can double the BPM this gives you more divisions per bar (But shorter maximum loop time, meaning you have to chain patterns). You can add some swing (which offsets some steps). Or record part in Ableton and load into electribe as a longsample (load sample as first note, remember to set release time correctly) which is the legnth of a loop. You even offset this by editing the start point of sample allowing it to be offset (fiddly).

  3. This vid has answered so many questions about this sampler. I was getting frustrated with mine because simple things just weren’t working, or weren’t obvious. I was going to sell it. Not now though. Thank you so much Loopop. You’re vids are incredible.

  4. Don’t forget you can still convert the version 2 synth firmware to the sampler version albeit version 1, and back again . Despite what is reported. Works a treat.

  5. polyphony is bad, still no song mode, pattern chain function is too cumbersome. there is still the audio gap (35ms) when switching patterns that have different efx attachted to. for comparison: the jd-xi makes no gap when switching patterns on the fly. why is that, korg? sorry, the new elecribes have too many flaws imo. come up with an electribe ultra (w/ 25 keys), and a better os, for 999 USD, and i´m willing to purchase one in a nanosecond.

      1. It was an issue on launch. It was fixed in first firmware update. And i cant fathom how pattern chaining is cumbersome. To each their own i suppose

  6. great video, was looking for a more in depth tips n tricks as i want a sampler of some description and was looking at this and the digitakt

    being able to save /load from multiple SD cards is really useful and the korg already has more sample time than the digitakt…both are pretty cool though the korg has more voices too.

    need to look a bith further bit korg looking not too shabby as a replacement for my casio FZ1 i sold maybe 20+
    years back 🙂

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