Fingersonic Intros Synset FM, A 6-Operator, 8-Voice Multitimbral FM Synthesizer

At Superbooth 2018, Fingersonic is introducing Synset FM, an FM synthesizer with 6 operators and 8 voices of polyphony

SYNSET FM is a complete 6 operators FM synthesizer, with the addition of 3 dedicated FM drums channels, a sequencer, 2 arpeggiators and an effect section. The programming of the voices is very user friendly, thanks to the FaderOS and the 5 encoders. 2 more controls are provided to control your prefered effect in realtime.

5 parts pattern sequencer and 2 arpeggiators

The SYNSET FM is designed to be very intuitive and provides everything you need for easy and quick music creation. You will be able to program great patterns and build a complete track without the need of a computer or other instruments. All this is controlled by a user friendly 16-step sequencer.

A digital mixer is present to set every instrument level and a special mute function is featured for easy and quick live stage usage. A 16 keys keyboard allows to program the patterns or even play live with various modes availables (Sequencer, Live or Arpeggios). When edited, it is possible to save the complete pattern context on 16 availables pattern memories. A song mode is also available to assemble your patterns and make a complete song.
Control your existing gear

SYNSET FM also has a dedicated external track allowing to simply control another instrument through USB, MIDI or CV/Gate interfaces.

FX section

An FX section is also present providing delay, chorus, distortion and even a resonant lowpass filter with LFO.


The presence of USB, MIDI and CV/Gate allows the instrument to be interfaced with a wide range of instruments and devices. The MIDI implementation is very complete and allows to control all synth and sound parameters.

Pricing and Availability

The SYNSET FM is expected to be available in Summer 2018, pricing is TBA.

19 thoughts on “Fingersonic Intros Synset FM, A 6-Operator, 8-Voice Multitimbral FM Synthesizer

  1. Cool. Their heart musta sank a little when the Digitone launched. Hope they can sort out a way to communicate whatever it is that differentiates this box. Demo sounded great but so does the Digitone.

  2. wow – that was a painfully horrible demo… the machine looks pretty interesting, but I’m definitely waiting to hear what it really sounds like with different patches (and no delay)

    1. To be fair, they probably wanted to demonstrate the delay in what is essentially an introduction video. However, as you say the demo is horrible.

  3. I’m waiting for 12 voice 6 operators with at least one filter per voice. Plus enough knobs to allow easy programming and performance. Looks like we’re nearly there. Uli ?

    1. I want a double digit operator FM synth with a knob for every control… looks like no one is ever going to make it….man if only I knew how. I could take that idea and make something awesome. It would have hubdreads of algorithms and be a beast.

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