Roland SE-02 Gets Pulse Width Modulation, New Sequencing Features

Roland and Studio Electronics have announced SE-02 1.2, an update that delivers a variety of user-requested features to the SE-02 Analog Synthesizer.

These include new sound design features like pulse width modulation, new sequencing functions like realtime recording, and a new bank of sounds. There’s also an editor/librarian for Mac and PC that simplifies editing sounds and organizing patches directly from your computer.

The updates are available now as free downloads:

26 thoughts on “Roland SE-02 Gets Pulse Width Modulation, New Sequencing Features

    1. For me its not that much the size, I love small stuff, but there just isn’t enough spacing between the knobs to turn one without touching the other knobs around. The Boog which is about the same size does not have this problem because there is more space between knobs.

      1. @JMT: That’s true. Uli’s mini has more space between the knobs, but what’s essential for me is that the SE-02 has significantly more knobs in addition to patch memory. And, what the article is about, Roland is now providing an editor for this boutique.

  1. @TimS: For live hard / raw tweaking I fully agree with you. But otherwise, since it has sufficient memory space available, it is a great little box with lots of style, character and potential i.m.o. When you have one, like I do, you’ll crave for a second one: one for the low end and one for the leads.

    I’m happy Roland has real support on this one with the upgrades as discussed in this article.

    1. Also the live transposition. I just don’t get why anyone would produce any step sequencers without transposition.

  2. I find it hard to understand the complaints about the size on things like this, the Behringer D, etc. These are some of the cheapest analog synths ever made that can deliver professional sound quality.

    And literally the only reasons that these are available so cheaply is that they’re tiny and have consumer build quality. They’re cutting corners to make them cheap.

    There are some great synths available now, too, that don’t have these compromises – things like the Phatty, the Bass Station or the MiniBrute. They’re more expensive, because they’re way bigger and are built better.

    The constant complaints about price and sizing comes across as a little clueless. There are great synths available now for just about any budget – but you have to expect to get what you pay for.

      1. Some might consider no MIDI control of parameters and no preset capacity to be compromises. Yay for lots of options.

  3. As a side note, the Bass Station II is actually cheaper (in Canada at least) than the SE-02, and for the size has very few compromises. It’s plastic but feels solid and can be powered via USB – even an iPhone charger or another synth with USB can power it. It also has two different filters on board, one is a very flexible multi mode affair.

    I tried the SE-02 and loved the sound. I disliked the size, spacing, and wobble of the knobs so it wasn’t the product for me. I re-purchased a BS2 and have been totally satisfied since. I think it’s the best analog mono under a grand.

    I wish the Boutiques were a bit larger… I wouldn’t have minded paying a bit more and getting a bit more in terms of hardware. Especially proper 1/4″ outputs. They do sound very good though.

  4. yea i like the size for what it is. I can roll with this anywhere and it delivers a wide range of basic subtractive coverage. I have vintage real shit for when i want big.

  5. With the issue of knob wobble, does it feel like it is going to break? I’m not concerned whether or not it’s built like a tank, but I don’t want something built so cheaply that standard use in home will render it useless.

    For example: I have a few of the Volcas, they are inexpensive, but I feel that they are certainly sturdy enough.

  6. Yes it’s small but it sounds really huge. Absolutely belting synth. New sequencer modes are a very nice addition. Thanks Roland and SE!

  7. I actually think its too big .. I rather see them do something more the size of an iPhone .. tweezers are so readily available it seems like a no brainer 😉

    1. I didn’t realize you could only use the KB25 to transpose sequences. That feels like some sorta business-level horseshit TBH. If you couldn’t do it with the KB25 either I’d assume it was just another feature on the dev backlist.

  8. I had a feel of the Behringer D and thought, holy crap that is small shit.
    Then right next to it was this SE02.

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