9 thoughts on “Syntonovo Pan Expressive Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. Might be very nice to combine this keyboard with a module only version of the Matrix Brute. But, as said in the video, this complete syntonovo system has the advantage of patch storage for the entire system, including full keyboard signal and pressure point signal routing.
    All this might be ‘standard’ and better affordable in future.

  2. Its so exotic, its almost like a physical modeling synth in hardware form. Its definitely not a synth you can simply pick up and start playing casually. I guess the formula will be “How many people will really explore its depths” divided by “How many can afford it” = the number of times someone will actually make it speak at its best. It sounds very appealing and a gold star for putting the controller pads on both sides! Genius-level creative ergonomics, there.

  3. A 149$ Qunexus or a keyboard with TouchKeys can do all this stuff, seems a bit silly but hey that’s what experimentation looks like i guess.

    1. I don’t like the way the qunexus and kboard handle the tilt, you need to hit dead in the center or else it bends off key, I wish there was a way to set it to zero every time you hit a key and a velocity curve along with the sensitivity

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