UNO Drum Update Adds Sounds Of 40 Classic Drum Machines

IK Multimedia has released the new Drum Anthology libraries for the Uno Drum, featuring the sound of 40 iconic drum machines.

The Drum Anthology libraries for UNO Drum deliver 10 new PCM sample libraries, drawn from 40 devices spanning the history of drum machines, letting you replace UNO Drum’s factory PCM soundset with new palettes of sounds.

Featured instruments include:

  • Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-2L
  • Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-6
  • Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-7L
  • Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-8
  • BOSS DR-110
  • Columbia CRB-81 Rhythm Box
  • Delptronics LDB-1
  • Drum Anthology Library 3
  • ELI CR-7030
  • Formanta UDS
  • Hammond Auto-Vari 64
  • Jomox XBase 09
  • Keio Korg Mini Pops 5
  • Korg KPR-77
  • Korg KR-55
  • Lell Rototom
  • Maxon DS200
  • MFB 502
  • MFB 522
  • Multivox Rhythm Ace FR6M
  • Nomad Rhythm Maker 16
  • Panasonic RD-9844
  • Realistic Concertmate Electronic Accompanist/Metronome
  • Regal Rhythm RE 175
  • Roland CR-5000
  • Roland CR-78
  • Roland CR-8000
  • Roland TR-33
  • Roland TR-606
  • Roland TR-77
  • Roland TR-808
  • Roland TR-909
  • Simmons SDS 8
  • Simmons SDS V
  • Sound Master SR-88
  • Star Instruments Synare 3
  • TAMA TS-204
  • TAMA TS-305
  • Unitra Eltra RYTM 16
  • Univox Drum Machines
  • Wurlitzer Sideman

See the IK site for details

29 thoughts on “UNO Drum Update Adds Sounds Of 40 Classic Drum Machines

  1. I’m weirdly impressed. They dug deep to offer that kind of inspiring variety. I know some people will step up to an Akai Pro Force and the like, but many will cackle like mad scientists, swapping these sounds in and out of the Uno. Smart way to expand the instrument, smart way to encourage customers to buy More and Bigger.

  2. Have it, love it. For the money i cannot complain about anything – I prefer to have presets, full MIDI recall, USB power, nice and intuitive effects, in an analog machine than more outputs. And on a mix? it sound super full of punch and character. i didn’t expect it. News sounds? tested- really inspiring.

    1. @Sinesaw great to hear some positive feedback on this unit. Did you happen to see the initial review by Stimming on the UnoDrum? He pretty much decimated any (of my) hope for the unit but IK claim he had a “pre production” machine and that the negative points Stimming made were sorted. Can you (or any other owners) by chance verify this?

      1. I really think Stimming was paid to put it down. there is no such problems with the UNO, as soon as you know it and play with tit. I was really surprised about him talking like that. He was definitely programming it so sound bad on purpose – i have a and Analog Rytm MKII and as analog it have loud hiss when pushed at its limit. Everything can sound bad if you program it. as a Fan of Stimming i am disappointed, because i think he was paid to put it down and it is not an honest review at all. But i don’t care since i am happy with my UNO Drum 🙂

          1. LOL!! ahahha! i don’t know, might even be arturia for what i know, but who cares. the point is that has an owner i really don’t think it was fair to talk like that and it was really programmed to sound bad. i own Drumbrute, Analog Rytm, TR8, TR707 and MFB (yes i am addicted to drums 🙂 ) and i really think all of those have problems if push to have them. so to me it wasn’t honest.

            1. You might want to watch the video again. Stimming mentions 2 things which for HIM makes it unusable. The noise, which is there and the fact that the pads doesn’t always react, which I’ve also experienced.
              The noise thing is something you can work around by using batteries, the unresponsiveness of the pads however is something you can’t work around that easy.

              I like mine and I bought it after watching Stimmings review. Which is not as bad as people make it out to be.

              1. I watch it, and to me it is exagerating – for the price, the features and the sound HE was exagerating and way out of the usual review. He can say “for me” but we all know it is a review, not a friendly suggestion at a cafe. And he didn’t talk that bat about the DrumBrute which is way worse is more occasion + in 2019 doesn’t have presets. 2 different instruments with 2 different aim, we all agree on that, but how he approach it is not professional at all.

                The responsiviness of the pad? a person must be foolish to think that capsense is equal to rubber – is there to cost less and have more features, it is obvious. I don’t have the problem that, but i do not expected anything more.

                The Noise? USB power devices have those problems. I build the cable written on the manual: problem solved. He was complaining about something else making it sound bad and way noisier that it is. with drive and comp a at max and level of the sounds down it sound bad – obviously! if you distort and compress an 808 out of its limits it sounds bad too.

                But again, i do not care, i was just disappointed because i was a fan of him, a lot, i was waiting for him, and he did this. I am not sure i can trust it anymore. Anyway, for the price i am happy and satisfied.

                1. In your previous comment you try to defend the UNO Drum by saying that other drum machines have problems too, which is no excuse, further it means you admit that there are in fact problems. Then you go on to say that people, who expect a working product, that works at least as advertised, are foolish, while once again admitting that the problem actually exists and that cost saving is the reason for it. You say there is no noise problem, then you say you fixed the noise problem by “building” a cable.
                  So what is it? Problems or no problems?
                  You accuse Stimming that he made it sound bad on purpose, while he goes through the analog sounds and partly through the PCM sounds. He actually shows how good they can sound. If you don’t like the pattern he made, then that is another issue, yours. If you actually listen to what he says then you’ll know what he tried to achieve with the UNO Drum and that he things that this is a good machine for that music style because of the sounds and features.
                  What he complains about, is the “after-noise” the PCM sounds produce, regardless of any effects applied or not. I can confirm that this problem exists. You confirmed it as well, why else would you have “build” the cable if not to stop the noise?

                  When I watched the video, I knew already about the noise work around and I thought that I don’t want to finger drum anyway. What I overlooked is, that the pads are also used to mute and un-mute the instruments, something I use quite often and it is, in fact frustrating when this doesn’t work properly. Judging by your cost saving comment, you confirm that this problem is real and not something made up.

                  About Stimming and the DrumBrute Impact. This machine works as advertised and out of the box, without the need to “build” a cable. Just because it isn’t for you, for some very valid reason, doesn’t mean that Stimming have to talk bad about it. He mention what he likes and what he dislikes about the machine.
                  Personally, I would love to have some automation for the DrumBrute Impact, esp. for the FM voice, but I knew it wasn’t there before I bought it and it wasn’t nor is advertised as having such feature.

                  In my humble opinion, Stimming is just frustrated and disappointed that the UNO Drum got these two, for him, big problems as he otherwise likes the machine a lot for the features and the analog sounds.

                  1. Thanks all for the discourse. Is the verdict really having to use batteries to rid (lessen?) the hiss issue? Again: IK claimed that Stimming had a pre-production unit and that the problems he mentioned were because of that. It’s a bit disappointing to hear that the hiss is an active factor. Otherwise quite like the idea of this machine!

                    1. The hiss problem is a ground loop issue which you can avoid by using a special USB cable. The IK Multimedia site will tell you what you need.

                      It’s a fun to use unit, with good analog sounds. The now available extra sounds should make it even more fun.

        1. I think this is an interesting point to discuss. What are the incentives for giving a good or bad or accurate youtube review? We never know what money actually changes hands, nor the power of the threat of losing access to preproduction models or lucrative launch events. So youtube reviews are 99% positive. I don’t remember Sonic State ever dwelling on the downside of a synth.

          It’s lovely that this side of youtube is such a positive place, and I love the Sonic State videos. But it is a shame that we don’t get an unbiassed buyers guide.

          1. They call them “influencer” for a reason. In the end it’s all about views and subscribers. And you won’t get any of that 2 months after the first video showed up. So if a company sends you something months before its official release, you better talk good about it or you are out of business in no time for no longer having videos up before anyone else.

            1. I remember when you had to buy a print copy of soundonsound for reviews. Even then there was a bit of a relationship between the advertisers, the preproduction models, and the reviewers.

              But still, if the keys didn’t trigger, Gordon Reid would have said it. Now Stimming says it and it’s a massive scandal and apparently he was bribed by Arturia!

  3. This fully flat surface is just no fun at all. They should’ve raised all the buttons even so slightly. Now it just feels like a boring 10,- toy (shame cause it sounds better than that).

  4. For me the patch memory makes the UNOs unbeatable in this price range. I also like the selection of drum machines they sampled. Can’t wait for them to put out a more expensive unit.

    1. I know it’s just bait and a bad one at that, but in case someone is really that stupid:
      1. “…featuring the sound of 40 iconic drum machines…” the RD-8 is not iconic by any means
      2. “…drawn from 40 devices spanning the history of drum machines…” the RD-8 surely isn’t one of them
      3. “…Roland TR-808…” the RD-8 is a cheap clone/knock-off of the 808, IK went with the original which makes more sense than to sample the sound of a copy.

      1. Behringer RD-8 is not just a cheap clone/knock-off as it also features improvements and they did what Roland was not able to do aka listening to the end-users..

        1. Its purpose is still to copy the sound of the 808. Having the sound of the original makes the sound of the copy obsolete. Not to mention that the clone is not “iconic” nor did it write history.

          Anyway, the user just tried to be edgy by mentioning this clone. It’s not funny nor clever, but hey, at least that knock-off company got some attention again.

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