Synthtopia + littleBits Synth Kit + Synth Pro Pack Giveaway

littleBits_Synthtopia-make-music-sweepstakesSynthtopia has teamed up with littleBits for a “make music sweepstakes” giveaway.

The prize? The littleBits Synth Kit, along with the new Synth Pro Pack:

  • littleBits’ Synth Kit ($159.95 value), released in partnership with Korg, allows the user to “do music DIY” using prebuilt modules. Synth Kit “bits” include Power Oscillator Random Keyboard, Micro Sequencer, Envelope, Filter (MS-20 style), Delay, Mix, Split, and Synth Speaker.
  • littleBits’ Synth Pro Pack ($139.95 value) consists of MIDI, CV, and USB I/O modules, enabling the user to connect the kit to additional equipment in the music studio.

The combination lets you snap together custom creations and connect them to your computer, MIDI or analog CV gear.

Here’s a video demo of the Synth Kit + Synth Pro Pack combo:

littleBits is accepting giveaway entries through May 8, and you can enter on the littleBits website.

Using QuNeo As An Effects Controller For Traktor

After about 90 seconds of music (no narration, just annotated screens), Mapping Genius walks viewers through how to use the Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo controller as a touch – sensitive effects controller for Native Instruments’ Traktor.

This mapping controls beat and sound coloring effects, has hotcues, flux mode, and loop control, and is available as a free download from Mapping Genius’ website.

Tuna Knobs Now Available Via Kickstarter Project


Tuna DJ Gear has gone live with their Kickstarter project to create tangible knobs for multi-touch music applications.

Their Tuna Knobs are control knobs that stick to any touchscreen and let you control DJ and music making apps like you would with dedicated music hardware Continue reading

Virtual Bowing With Gestures (Leap Motion + GECO)

In this video, composer Hagai Davidoff demonstrates using gestures to create ‘virtual bowing’, in order to add realism to synthesized string performances.

Davidoff uses a combination of the Leap Motion controller and GECO MIDI to expressively control virtual instruments. He previously released a video, demonstrating his approach to gestural orchestration.

Check it out and let us know what you think! Continue reading