ROLI Releases Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition

ROLI has released Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition, a package that combines the Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block, and Loop Block.

The kit lets you play hundreds of GarageBand sounds on the touch-responsive 5D surfaces of the Lightpad Block and Seaboard Block.

ROLI has also shared a video intro to the Songmaker Kit:

Pricing and Availability

The ROLI Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition is available now for $599.95.

2 thoughts on “ROLI Releases Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition

  1. Roli have really been doubling down on the useless crap these days. Some updates for Equator would be far more welcome. User sample support for one thing. Maybe some kind of granular engine like Madrona Labs Kaivo. Some kind of cool wave table engine with polyphonic wave morphing. Take the time to develop their software into something actually unique and useful from a sound design perspective. As it is you’re expected to buy the expensive hardware and then pay even more still for software that supports it. And there really isn’t much out there that does. The seaboard is great instrument and Equator could be amazing. But Blocks is gimmicky and Noise for the most part is just prepackaged garbage with celebrity names tacked on.

  2. Bought one – simply would not pair with any of my Macs. Nor could I get a stable connection via USB. A real shame, because when it did connect, and was recognised by Abelton Live, it was great. But for AUD$700, I want something that is reliable. I returned it, and got my money back.

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