OTO Machines Intros BAM Space Generator Stereo Reverb Processor

oto-bam-space-generatorOTO Machines has introduced BAM – a stereo reverb processor inspired by vintage 70’s & 80’s digital reverberator units.

“The musicality of the early digital reverb processors was partly due to the algorithms (the way the processor synthesized a natural reverberation), but also due to their hardware limitations,” they note. “The technology used in BAM is very close to the one used in these early digital reverberator units: 16 bits converters, 20 bits fixed-point processing, analog filtering and even an input transformer transient simulator.”

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BOSS Intros MIDI-Controllable RC-202 Loop Station


At Musikmesse 2016, BOSS has introduced the RC-202 Loop Station, the latest addition to the BOSS lineup of live looping devices.

The RC-202 offers looping and multi-effects in an compact tabletop unit. Four Input FX and four Track FX are available at once, and loops can be saved to memories in real time.

Expanded foot control and MIDI capabilities are also included, ideal for looping musicians who have their hands occupied with guitar, keyboards, and other instruments.

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Erica Synths Intros Black Hole DSP Eurorack Effects Module

erica-synths-black-hole-dsp-eurorack-moduleErica Synths has introduced the Black Hole DSP – a Euro-format module that offers 16 audio effects.

Each effect has 4 adjustable and CV controllable parameters, along with CV-controlled effect select.

In addition, external effect boards (sold separately), containing new sets of effects, can be added to customize the Erica Black Hole DSP to your way of creating music.’

The Erica Synths Black CV Expander is also available, to allow more precise CV control over parameters.

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Modal 002 Digital IO Board Takes 002 Synthesizer To ‘A Whole New Level’

At the 2016 NAMM Show, Modal Electronics introduced four Eurorack modules, a new rackmount synthesizer and a digital expansion board for their 002 synthesizer.

In this video, designer Paul Maddox previews the new Modal 002 Digital IO Board.
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Electro-Harmonix Mel9 Turns Your Guitar Or Keyboard Into A Mellotron

electro-harmonix-Mel9-mellotron-effectElectro-Harmonix has introduced the Mel9 Tape Replay Machine – a new effect designed to turn your guitar (or keyboard) into a Mellotron.

The Mel9 ‘pays homage to nine of the coolest Mellotron sounds’, according to EXH:

  • Orchestra
  • Cello
  • Strings
  • Flut
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophon
  • Brass
  • Low Choir and
  • High Choir

Here’s the official demo video, featuring Bill Ruppert: Continue reading

Source Audio Intros Nemesis Delay Stereo Effects Pedal

Source Audio has released the Nemesis Delay, a powerful stereo delay pedal, featuring 24 distinct effect engines, ranging from vintage tape, analog, and oil can delays to advanced pitch shifting, reverse, filter modulating, and rhythmic delays.

The Source Audio Nemesis Delay features 56-bit processing, eight onboard presets, multiple delay taps, a hold function, tap tempo, full MIDI control, deep editing functionality with the Neuro Mobile App, and much more. Continue reading