Dave Smith & John Chowning Introduce FM Synthesis On The Prophet 12

dave-smith-instruments-prophet-12Dave Smith Instruments has released a new operating system for the Prophet 12 that adds a number of user-requested features, including:

  • Linear frequency modulation for classic FM synthesis
  • Support for up to 16 alternate tunings (a set of 16 popular tunings is included)
  • Assignable voice-stacking in Union mode
  • MIDI note output for the arpeggiator
  • New modulation destinations (Slop, Osc All Shape, All Delays)
  • Disable screen save option for OLED display
  • Soft knobs allow Playlist List and Set selection

Here’s a video, featuring FM synthesis pioneer John Chowning & Dave Smith introducing linear FM synthesis on the Prophet 12: Continue reading

Open Mic: Did ‘Synther Claus’ Pay You A Visit?

Open Mic: For the holidays, our wish is that you have family, health and peace.

And, yes, since it’s Synthtopia, maybe some wicked gear under the tree, that new app that you’ve been wanting or some great new electronic music….

So, leave a comment and let us know if ‘Synther Claus’ paid you a visit! Continue reading