Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine Brings Classic Keyboard Sounds To Your Guitar

Electro-Harmonix has introduced the C9 Organ Machine, a guitar effects pedal that synthesizes classic organ and keyboard sounds.

The EHX C9 pays homage to tones made famous by Keith Emerson, Ray Manzarek, Jon Lord, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and more.

In the video above, ‘effectology’ guru Bill Ruppert demonstrates how to use the C9 to turn a guitar to create vintage organ and electronic keyboard sounds.  Continue reading

Kilpatrick Audio Intros Phenol Patchable Analog Synthesizer


Kilpatrick Audio has introduced the Phenol patchable analog synthesizer – ‘a new type of musical instrument’, according to the company.

Inspired by modular synthesizers, Phenol offers the creative potential, sound and hands-on experience of a modular synth, in a sleek, compact package. Kilpatrick says that Phenol is 100% compatible with modular systems, because it uses the same voltages and banana connectors as the Kilpatrick Format modular system and other banana format modulars as well. Continue reading