Exclusively Analogue Announces Merlin Analog Synthesizer


Exclusively Analogue has introduced The Merlin – a new synth, designed in response to feedback from EA customers.

According to Exclusively Analogue, the aim of Merlin is to provide a powerful analogue synthesizer with maximum flexibility, at a competitive price (approximately £800 depending on format).

Merlin will be available either as a self powered 19? rack mount module, a self powered desktop module, or in Eurorack format able to use an existing power supply. Continue reading

New App, Nature – Oscillator, Lets You Synthesize Based On The World Around You

Developer Alexander Zolotov has introduced a new app, Nature – Oscillator, that lets you synthesize based on the world around you.

Nature – Oscillator uses the spectral synthesis algorithm of the Virtual ANS engine (a software simulation of the Russian synthesizer ANS) to translate the image on your iOS device’s camera into the spectrum of sound. You can also control the scanning curve: its amplitude, type and speed. Continue reading

Atmegatron Software Update Turns It Into ‘Sci-Fi Dream Machine’

Developer Paul Soulsby let us know about a new update for the Atmegatron synthesizer - The Delayertron.

According to Soulsby, it turns the Atmegatron into a ‘sci-fi dream machine’:

Create crazy sci-fi sound effects and screaming lead lines with the Delayertron software. It provides the Atmegatron with a completely new audio engine that has a crunchy 8-bit delay and 256 sample waveforms.

Continue reading

The Sensual Synth Sounds Of The Waldorf Streichfett String Synthesizer

This video, via Jürgen Driessen, is an exploration of the new Waldorf Streichfett String Synthesizer.

While other synths offer monophonic, polyphonic or even paraphonic synthesis, the Streichfett might be characterized as pornophonic - designed to create the  the ‘adult’ sound of vintage string synthesizers.  Continue reading