Music Computing’s Latest Workstation, Kami, ‘The De-Facto Category Killer For Music Productions Systems’


Music Computing has introduced Kami – a high-end Windows-based computer music workstation.

How high end? Music Computing CEO Victor Wong says that “The main design goal for Kami was to produce the de-facto category killer for music production systems.”

“The mandate for this goal,” adds Wong, “was for Kami to be the last keyboard production station or computer you will ever need to purchase for music production for the rest of your life…and possibly your children’s.” Continue reading

Nerdsynth Hardware Tracker Workstation (Sneak Preview)


The Nerdsynth is a hardware analogue and digital synthesizer, groovebox, sampler, tracker, visualizer, digitizer, music instrument and ‘experimentizer’ in one machine.

nerdsynth-sketchThe Nerdsynth has 6 polyphonic tracks:

  • One track is dedicated to the internal Nerdsynth soundship
  • A second track is a sampler track.
  • The 4 other tracks are connected to external sound cartridges which are inserted in the Nerdsynth. Those are the synthesizer cores/ soundchips of the ATMegatron, Meeblip Anode, DSP-G1 and Soundgin.
  • More cartridges are in development like a SID cartridge, YM/AY, OPL3 and several analogue and digital synthesizer designs.

This video demonstrates the latest Nerdsynth prototype: Continue reading

AKAI Intros MPC Touch Touchscreen Music Production Controller


Akai Professional today officially introduced the MPC Touch, a new MPC design that incorporates a touch screen interface, in addition to the traditional drum pads.

Like the MPC Renaissance, the MPC Touch is designed to be used in tandem with your computer.


The touch screen is designed to streamline tasks like sample editing, shown above, step sequencing, browsing samples, adjusting envelopes and more. According to Akai, ‘the result is the most capable and user-friendly music production controllers Akai Professional has developed to date.’ Continue reading

Free iMPC Pro Update Adds Loop Slicing & Time Stretching

impc-proAkai Professional and Retronyms have a free update to iMPC Pro – their MPC workstation app for iPad – that adds two major new features: Loop Slicing and Time Stretching.

Here are the updates in iMPC Pro, Version 1.3:

  • Added Slice Loop mode to the Editor.
  • Added support for sliced loops on pads.
  • Added support for sliced loops from the Content Store.
  • Added “Paste All” — now you can paste entire folders from AudioCopy with one tap.
  • Fixed CloudSeeder “latest” feed.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Improved integration with Content Store.

Here’s the official video intro: Continue reading