Go Deeper Into the Sound – Unless It Will Make Your Head Explode

shape-of-soundReader Alistair de B Clarkson let us know about a new series of articles kicking off at the Shape of Sound site, Going Deeper into the Sound.

The series is intended for ‘music nutters’ that are obsessed by sound.

Clarkson notes:

These articles are only suitable for synthtopia readers and will result in any non synthopia reader complaining that their head will explode.

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An Introducting To The Turntablist Transcription Method (TTM)

YouTube Preview Image

This video offers an introduction to TTM (turntablist transcription method), a system of notation designed for notating turntable-based music.

TTM is derived from a graph of the rotation of the record vs. time. The vertical axis of the staff represents the rotation of the record, and the horizontal axis represents time. Continue reading

Download Free Music Scores

The International Music Score Library Project is a cool site that lets you download public domain music scores for free:

MSLP attempts to create a virtual library containing all public domain musical scores, as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music with the world without charge. You can read the full list of goals that IMSLP will try to achieve.

IMSLP also encourages the exchange of musical ideas, both in the form of musical works, and in the analysis of existing ones. Therefore, feel free to create/edit a page with your analysis of a particular piece (please use the “Discussion” link on the work page of that particular piece).

The site already offers over 17,000 scores.

Unfortunately, the “modern” category (post 1945) is woefully underrepresented, because of copyright laws.

I was able to download a PDF of Terry Riley’s In C, one of the seminal works of minimalist music, but only 69 composers are currently represented at all in this category.

If you’re creating music that uses traditional, or even non-traditional, notation, check out the IMSLP and consider sharing your scores via the site.

IntelliScore Ensemble Converts Polyphonic Audio To MIDI

Innovative Music Systems has announced the release of version 7.1 of intelliScore Ensemble.

IntelliScore Ensemble listens to prerecorded or live music (in WAV, MP3, WMA, or CD format) and creates a multiple-track MIDI (.mid) file containing the notes played, broken down by instrument. The MIDI file, in turn, is suitable for notation, cleanup/editing, and playback.

Version 7.1 adds improved support for Windows Vista and an enhanced help system.“Many have considered multi-instrument conversion to be the ‘holy grail’ of music recognition,” said Joe Kohler, president of Innovative Music Systems. “Now, that quest is finally a reality with intelliScore Ensemble.”

In addition to supporting multiple instruments, the latest intelliScore provides other new helpful features. For example, if the audio recording is a drum track, intelliScore can create a MIDI file to indicate where the beats are. It also now supports WMA (Windows Media Audio) files and the converting of several audio files at the same time.

If you’ve had a chance to use IntelliScore, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Notation Software Releases Notation Musician 2.0 and Notation Composer 2.0

Notation Musician 2.0 and Composer 2.0 offer casual musicians new ways to music – both sheet music and audio:

  • Start with music you find on the Internet (tens of thousands of free MIDI files).
  • Customize and arrange the music to fit your or your group’s particular needs -fake book lead sheets, custom parts (which stay connected with the main score), instruments or voices in your group, easy-notes for learning.
  • Use Composer to compose from scratch as well – it’s designed to help you compose, not just print music you’ve already written.

Notation Musician

  • Follow the musical notes on your screen as you listen to the music, and print your own sheet music for performance.
  • Set up practice loops, change lyrics, transpose to suit your instrument or vocal range, and use Musician as your accompanist.
  • Learn musical notation by watching the notes as you listen to familiar songs.

Notation Composer
Composer has all the features of Musician, and additionally

  • Extensively and intuitively edit the musical notation – Composer gracefully places music symbols so you can concentrate on your creativity.
  • Produce clearly written sheet music to share with others.
  • Add and edit notes, including performance aspects such as volume, tempo, and other areas easily in a graph that overlays the notation. You can see and hear exactly where you edit the performance.
  • Create music using an electronic keyboard, or a computer keyboard and mouse, depending on which method you are most comfortable with.

Notation Composer and Notation Musician run on Windows 98, 2000, ME, and XP (Vista support is coming soon). Notation Musician 2.0 ($49.9 5USD) and Notation Composer 2.0 ($149.95 USD) can now be purchased online.

Notion Makes Scoring Easier

2007 Winter NAMM Show: Notion Music announced version 1.6 of Notion, their flagship music composition and performance software. The update adds new scoring features, improves file handling, adds support for lyrics, and expands Notion’s capabilities beyond classical music genres.

Notion scoring

Among the new scoring features in Notion 1.6 are support for lyrics, chord symbol entry and playback, special note entry (x, triangle, and slash), and forced “page-turns” as well as improvements to tempo markings, beaming, ties, tuplets, and overall rendering of score appearance. The handling of repeats has been improved as well as NOTION’s ability to read and interpret articulations and imported data. Continue reading

Numark Intros MP102 Rackmount MP3 CD Player

Numark M)102 CD PlayerNAMM 2006 Winter Show: Numark announced the new MP102 rackmount CD player. Designed for mobile DJs and club owners in search of a cost-effective, rackmountable solution to a wide variety of music playback requirements, the new MP102 plays both standard CD audio and MP3 CDs, provides buffered Anti-Shock memory protection, delivers seamless looping, pitch control with a pitch bend wheel, stereo RCA and digital outputs, balanced outputs, and an EQ section.

“The new MP102 is a feature-packed unit and the perfect solution for mobile DJs and clubs in search of a comprehensive player offering MP3 support,” said Numark CEO John O’Donnell. “With its rackmount capability, the MP102 can be transported easily or secured in a club’s equipment cabinet. ” Continue reading