Grain Science Updated With AudioBus

woojijuice-grain-scienceWooji Juice has released an update to Grain Science, adding AudioBus support.

Now you can stream live audio directly from Grain Science to other Audiobus-compatible apps.

Grain Science is a hybrid synthesizer that combines granular synthesis with ‘traditional synthesis techniques’.

Core MIDI support, including Virtual MIDI, background audio, and “tap & twist” learning for setting up controls; and a customisable performance screen with a collection of XY Pads and wheels.

Grain Science 1.4 is available now in the App Store for $9.99.

Grain Science + A Mic Turns Anything Into A New Synth Patch

Canis at Wooji Juice posted an interesting demo, embedded below, that highlights how you can use Grain Science to turn just about anything into a synth patch:

Recently, I posted a new Grain Science demo track to SoundCloud. It’s just a series of experiments, but quite a few people found it interesting because it demonstrates a side to Grain Science that maybe not everyone is aware of: the ability to bring to life the awesome synth instruments that are lurking in the everyday sounds all around you.

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Grain Science Updated, Now A Universal App

Developer Wooji Juice has released an update to Grain Science, its hybrid granular synthesizer for iOS.

Grain Science 1.3 offers four main improvements:

  • The first and biggest news is that Grain Science is now a Universal app. This means that it runs on both iPhone and iPod touch, as well as iPad. If you’ve already purchased Grain Science for iPad, and you have an iPhone/iPod touch, you can just install the updated version on your pocket device and start making music — and if you don’t have an iPad and have been missing out, welcome aboard!
  • Arpeggiator 2.0 – The Chord mode is a little cleaner and tidier, but the major upgrade is to the Step mode. The sequencer now supports 32 steps, a much wider range of notes, and allows you to sequence more options.
  • Ribbons and Velocity –  In the Settings, you can now switch the keyboard for a “ribbon controller”. This replaces the traditional piano keys with metal strips; the position of your finger along each strip controls the velocity for that note. It’s directly tied to the MIDI velocity, so if you have the ribbon controller enabled and happen to be using a MIDI device, you’ll see the ribbons reflecting the force with which you strike the keys on your MIDI keyboard (or equivalent).
  • The G-1000 Shapeinator – The G-1000 is a new FX unit that applies customized wave-shaping to your audio. You can wave-shape either using one of the presets, or by creating your own wave-shaping curve.

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New Granular Synth For iPad, Grain Science

granular synth for ipad Grain Science

iPad Music SoftwareGrain Science is a new iPad synthesizer, based on the principles of granular synthesis.

Here’s what developer Wooji Juice has to say about Grain Science:

Use the built-in waveforms, or record or import your own — then use the sophisticated grain engine to create something completely new from them! Grain Science is easy to get to grips with, but offers lots of depth to explore: instead of offering one or two LFOs, almost any parameter in the system can be programmed to vary over time in complex ways.

Using new optimisations available in iOS 5, we can provide two grain units per voice, which you can combine for morphing or complex modulated sounds, then send through a configurable FX chain. Pick any 4 from the collection of FX units (including various types of distortion, high- and low-pass filters, phaser, resonance and echo), and connect them up in any order. Other audio tweaks include soft loop, reverb, glide and supercharger controls, and the ability to affect granular synthesis in realtime (live grainbending).

Also featured are an arpeggiator with both chord and step-sequence modes; Core MIDI support, including “tap & twist” learning for setting up controls; and a customisable performance screen with a collection of XY Pads and wheels.

Rounding it off, Grain Science plays nicely with others: Dropbox, Twitter and email integration are all included, for sharing or exporting your waveforms, recordings of your performances, and instrument (patch) designs.

Here are a couple of demos of Grain Science in action:

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