How To Destroy Angels 6 Track EP Coming June 1st As A Free Download

How To Destroy Angels – Trent Reznor’s side project with his wife Mariqueen – has announced that its debut release will be available as a free download June 1st.

CD’s will be available in stores July 6th, and vinyl is “forthcoming”.

You can download multitrack audio for remixing two of the tracks now at the NIN remix site.


  • The Space In Between
  • Parasite
  • Fur-Lined
  • 888
  • The Believers
  • A Drowning

Mariqueen Does Analog


Mariqueen of How To Destroy Angels (HTDA), in a beautiful teaser shot from the HTDA Facebook site.

Things that suggest that Mariqueen may be the ultimate woman:

  • She likes modular synths.

Yeah – that’s about all it takes to be in the running around here.

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