Liquid Notes For Live Lets You Reconstruct Your Music On The Fly

Re-Compose has introduced Liquid Notes for Live – a MIDI effect that plugs directly into Ableton Live (using Max for Live) and lets you reconstruct your music on the fly:

Edit your clips by making adjustments to the vertical sliders (chord function) and rotary knobs (chords, tension) while playing your song in Live. The changes become audible immediately,

it’s like playing live and having an expert composer next to you doing all the magic on the harmonic level for you.

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ReCompose Updates Liquid Notes With Song Overview

Re­Compose recently released an update of its intelligent music production tool, Liquid Notes with an interactive song overview feature which displays all chord regions at once. The addition of the song overview capability is the first in a series of upcoming updates.

The addition of an overview of the song gives the user greater control over the composition and easier navigation. A slider frame enables the user to select the region of the song on which to focus; it can also be used to zoom in and out of a piece.

Company co-founder Roland Trimmel explains how it works:
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‘Intelligent Composing Assistant’ Liquid Notes Adds Instrument Library


Liquid Notes, the “intelligent composing assistant,” has been updated to add its own library of instruments and a track assignment editor.

Liquid Notes is an app that integrates “music intelligence” algorithms based on the theory of harmony: chords, scales/melody, and harmonic movement. These algorithms assist the user during the music production workflow: from finding the basic chord progressions to applying complex multi-track alterations to a composition.

The library includes basic instruments, ranging from percussion to bass, leads, pads, mallets, classical instruments, and a variety of other sounds. The addition comes in handy when composing without connecting to a sequencer, as the new features allow the user to work without one.

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Liquid Notes Brings ‘Music Intelligence’ To Your DAW

YouTube Preview Image

Liquid Notes is a new music production tool, which works both standalone or with your DAW, that assists you with chords, scales, and harmonic movement.

Liquid Notes analyzes your music harmonically, and then lets you rearrange it by substituting chords, altering their functions, adding tensions, building chord progressions, playing melody lines, improvising, and more. This lets you rapidly try out new ideas for your compositions.

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