ReCompose Updates Liquid Notes With Song Overview

Re­Compose recently released an update of its intelligent music production tool, Liquid Notes with an interactive song overview feature which displays all chord regions at once. The addition of the song overview capability is the first in a series of upcoming updates.

The addition of an overview of the song gives the user greater control over the composition and easier navigation. A slider frame enables the user to select the region of the song on which to focus; it can also be used to zoom in and out of a piece.

Company co-founder Roland Trimmel explains how it works:

“Thanks to intelligent algorithms that are able to read and interpret a song like a composer might, [Liquid Notes] becomes your assistant when you want to create music. It analyzes your piece and detects its various musical elements and their correlations…. The new song overview serves as a way to indicate identical and similar harmonic segments, like verse and chorus, but also much smaller regions.”

The next updates to Liquid Notes are set to include drop-­down lists for more immediate chord selection, and a piano roll.  The first of these updates for Liquid Notes is planned for September 2013.

Liquid Notes is available for Mac and Windows, priced starting at US $149.

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