An Introducting To The Turntablist Transcription Method (TTM)

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This video offers an introduction to TTM (turntablist transcription method), a system of notation designed for notating turntable-based music.

TTM is derived from a graph of the rotation of the record vs. time. The vertical axis of the staff represents the rotation of the record, and the horizontal axis represents time. Continue reading

New App Tells You The Chords In Your MP3 Files

ichordsD’Accord Music Software has announced a new program, iChords, that recognizes and presents chords from any MP3, WMA files or CDs. iChords identifies chords from any audio source, making it easier to transcribe music or just get the harmonic changes for tracks you want to play.

iChords offers additional features beyond chord transcription:

  • iChord displays the chord being played at the moment as well as the next one
  • For each chord, it presents fingering, notation or intervals
  • Users can control the tempo according to their skills, playing slower or faster
  • Four different guitar view modes are offered, including one for left-handed players
  • Lyrics can be added and chords can be transposed and printed together with chord diagrams
  • Chords can be exported to create a personal song library