NAMM – Digitech Introduces 5 New Pedals

bad monkeyDigiTech introduced five new distortion pedals: the Bad Monkey; the Screamin’ Blues; the Hot Head; the Grunge; and the Death Metal at the 2004 Namm Summer Session. Designed to provide guitarists with a wide range of overdrive and distortion options, these new pedals feature DigiTech’s premium analog circuitry and offer sounds ranging from smooth, classic overdrive to the deepest, darkest metal.

Each pedal is housed in a rugged cast-metal enclosure, features a non-slip rubber base, and is designed to withstand years of rigorous use. In addition, all models feature dual outputs: a standard amp output and a mixer output with cabinet modeling so the user can plug directly into front-of-house boards and recording consoles.

New pedals features are as follows:

  • Bad Monkey – An overdrive pedal that produces the smooth natural character of an overdriven tube amp while maintaining the guitar’s distinct tone. Low and High tone controls provide the flexibility to boost or cut bass and treble frequencies.
  • Screamin’ Blues – Designed for the guitarist who needs an overdrive/distortion pedal that responds to playing dynamics. Playing lightly gives a mild overdrive, while dialing up the gain and “digging” in hard, makes the Screamin’ Blues sing with ultra-rich harmonics and sustain.
  • Hot Head – A multi-purpose pedal for any style of music where distortion is needed. Featuring flexible Low, High, and Gain controls, the Hot Head pedal can provide tones that range from “a little dirt” to a full stack.
  • Grunge – Already having legendary status, this pedal provides a wide palette of distortions ranging from chunky rhythm to heavy grind. The Grunge is perfect for the guitarist playing stunning, sustaining leads.
  • Death Metal – Designed to be the most extreme, yet musical distortion pedal device to date. Featuring extreme gain, Death Metal comes with Level, Low, Mid, and High controls providing flexible tone shaping guaranteeing the guitar to cut through the mix.

These five DigiTech pedals are each powered by a 9 Volt battery and include a battery life LED indicator. DigiTech offers a one-year warranty, supplemented by an additional five years of coverage with mail-in or online registration. The new overdrive/distortion pedals are currently available at authorized DigiTech dealers.

Online demo’s for the five new DigiTech overdrive/distortion pedals are available at

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