Electronica in Costa Rica: S.U.N Project Shines Halloween Night.

Costa Rica SUN projectCosta Rica’s electronica scene is heating up. Rogelio Jimenez reports on the hot-as-hell S.U.N Project Halloween bash at Club 360.

The doors opened at 10:30 pm. Some people were waiting since 9:30 pm for the opening to enter in to the club. Lots of fans have been waiting three years since the last visit of S.U.N Project.

The national DJs S.A.M, right, and Dusk were in charge to open the party and warm up the dance floor, which they did well. S.A.M gave us an impressive set of minimal psy-trance. People just can’t wait to get in the club, look at the three glowing stars at the roof of the club, look for their buddies and start dancing with the aggressive minimal sounds that S.A.M mixed like a pro, demonstrating again that every time he plays he does it better than last time.

SUN ProjectDusk was next, one of the most respected artists in our scene, who has played with artist at the level of Dark Soho, Xenomorph (twice), Neuromotor, and Four Carry Nuts to mention some of them, member of Ajuca records. He played a dark and powerful set, in his own unique way, the kind that has made his fans admire him for years. It was a very short DJ set, not as usual from Dusk, but good and professional as always. S.A.M was next, he played a very short set just to open S.U.N Project as the flyer said.

McCoy, Matthias and Marco came with alien masks to the stage, finally what we all were waiting for, McCoy and Matthias with “chonetes” (peasants traditional hats) and Marco Menichelli with the shirt of “La Sele” (Costa Rica National Soccer team). They played most of their classics and their new productions, showing us why they are in the position they are in the psy trance world scene. Fairies, mushrooms, school girls, doctors, sadomasochists, elves, fairies demons and witches, clubbers all together enjoying, like a happy ending of a fairy tale. It was the beginning of the best psy trance concert in this year. The energy of those three enthusiastic artists could be felt in the dance floor, it seems along the concert, that every single soul couldn’t stop dancing and jumping. It was total ecstasy!

Crowd dancing to SUN projectNext for the S.U.N Project, Marco Menichelli gave us an amazing DJ set of two hours, most of which was unreleased material, ranging from minimal to some kind of hard techno. The morning sun started illuminating the club, which was no problem for the five hundred people who still fill the dance floor, until the club closes the doors. A hundred of them, finished at the after party, in company of the S.U.N Project at a different location.

A concert that every psy-trance lover and every person in there would never forget, the club was packed to maximum capacity with people in crazy costumes, enjoying the music they love. A great Halloween night for Costa Rica…just happened.

Guest Author – Rogelio Jimenez

SUN Project Images – Esteban Grant

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  1. Soy de Puerto Rico y voy a llegar manana a Costa Rica, estare unos 7 dias. Hay algun outdoor rave de musica electronica al momento? Me podrian decir como llegar al club? Gracias!

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