NAMM Update: Mackie Updates Tracktion 2

NAMM 2006 Winter Show: Mackie announced a new release of their Tracktion recording software–Tracktion 2.1. This latest update includes several great feature enhancements including:

  • Custom Control Surface Creation: Control Tracktion’s transport, navigation, options, and channels via your favorite low-cost hardware controller, or even the sliders, buttons, and keys on your MIDI controller keyboard.
  • MP3 Import and MP3/OGG Export: Import MP3 files using the LAME codec, and export both MP3 and OGG files with the new menu item Export>Create an MP3/OGG file.
  • MIDI Loop Recording: Create and build MIDI clips in loop record mode much like the way you can with audio files.
  • Support for the Frontier Design Group TranzPort: Control Tracktion with the Frontier Design Group TranzPort Wireless DAW Controller.
  • Filter Icon “Quick Control Parameter: All filter icons can now display any automatable parameter as a small horizontal slider on the filter icon for even quicker adjustments.
  • File Import Improvements: Select and import multiple files from the import file dialog. Even drag and drop, or import from a CD on the PC.

Tracktion 2.1 is a free update for registered Tracktion 2 users. Just visit


Also new this year are six new mixing plug-ins that are free for registered users of the boxed Tracktion 2 Music Production Software budle. These fabulous plug-in processors will greatly enhance your sound and productivity. Here’s what you get with the new Mackie Mixing Tools bundle:

  • MRVB-1 Studio Reverb: Simulate the effect of playing in a small garage with a concrete floor, or pretend you’re the headliner at a concert hall with the great-sounding MRVB-1 stereo reverberation plug-in.
  • SP-1 Stereo Panner Plus: Boldly use this plug-in for basic panning to Tremolo, Vibrato and Rotary Cabinet effects, or get totally crazy with AutoPan mode.
  • CM-1 & CS-1 Mono & Stereo Compressors: Great-sounding, easy-to-use tools for anything needing some dynamic intervention.
  • EQ6M & EQ6S Six-Band Mono & Stereo Multi-Mode EQs: Six bands of frequency, gain and “Q” control with parametric and shelf mode selection for ultimate tonal control.


To get the new plug-ins, Tracktion 2 users just need to log onto their account. This will take them to a special section that determines eligibility. If eligible, simple instructions will walk users through the simple download, installation, and authorization process.

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