KRK Systems Releases Flagship Exposé Recording Monitors

KRK Expose MonitorsNAMM Show: KRK Systems announced the release of the Exposé E8B studio monitors.

For those of you familiar with KRK from their entry-level monitors, though, the E8B’s price may be a shock. The new KRK Systems Exposé E8B monitor is available now and has a suggested retail price of $5,995 a pair.

The new E8B utilizes state-of-the-art components to help achieve clarity and sonic accuracy that improves on the original and creates a monitor that is the best in the business. KRK engineers have incorporated feedback from the recording industry’s most well regarded professionals in the design of the E8B. The Exposé has been designed to be linear and as flat as technically possible so that what you hear reflects the true nature of the audio material. KRK Engineers have also taken measures to significantly reduce distortion through the implementation of design concepts that reduce port turbulence and diffraction.

“It was important for us to integrate the feedback of the most important engineers and producers into the design of the next monitor in the industry renowned Exposé line” commented Mike Newman, KRK System’s Product Manager.The E8B features a tweeter made of AlBeMet, a composite material comprised of beryllium and aluminum. The advantage of using beryllium over the more conventional titanium tweeter is that beryllium is stiffer, resulting in frequency response extension, thus increasing the overall bandwidth of the monitor.

The woofer inside the E8B consists of two layers of Kevlar with a layer of Rohacell in between. The layer of Rohacell provides additional stiffness for the woofer and also functions as a dampener to eliminate unwanted resonances. The E8B copper pole cap and the aluminum shorting ring reduce motor induced distortions to an amazingly low level. The woofer’s multi-layered construction also reduces distortion for improved reproduction accuracy.

KRK’s Exposé E8B utilizes two discrete, Class A / AB power amplifiers, 120w for the tweeter and 140w for the woofer. This is a bi-amplified system—one amplifier each for HF and LF—with symmetrical heat sinks built into the sides for cool running, reliable operation.

The cabinet’s rigidity is an integral part of a speaker’s performance characteristic; the E8B cabinet is designed with thick, non-parallel, internal walls which reduce the chances of standing waves inside the cabinet. The base of the monitor is made from a non-slip, sound absorbing rubberized material that eliminates vibrations transferring to the surface the monitor is resting on, ensuring the E8B will not move on its pedestal. Further, the E8B is video shielded to guarantee maximum protection against magnetic interference with video monitors.

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