Nnnj – Monkey Straddle

Monkey Straddle, the debut CD of Nnnj (“inch”) on The Agriculture records, is an interesting downtempo blend of influences ranging from ambient to jazz to IDM to world music.

Nnnj’s music falls into the broad downtempo category – but the tracks on Monkey Straddle are some of the most interesting examples of the genre that we’ve heard. Nnnj gets slow jazzy grooves going and then layers on samples, drones and spoken dialog.

Highlights of the CD include Fiji Geesus, a track that grows from an ambient beginning to a more melodic, world-music feel; the dubby title track; and Demeter’s Pupil, which creates an uneasy balance between a jazzy groove and ambient effects.

Throughout the CD, Nnnj is consistenty original and creative. Listening to it, you’re never quite sure where he’s going to go next. But Nnnj nicely balances his flow of new sounds and effects with song structures, so the CD is as listenable as it is creative.


  • Goop Scoop – 4:05
  • Close The Loop – 3:27
  • Lush Lope – 4:12
  • What’s The Weather Like Today? – 4:10
  • Fiji Geesus – 3:04 play sample
  • Monkey Straddle – 4:22 play sample
  • What’s The Weather Like Tomorrow? – 5:15
  • Uberamkin – 4:06
  • 🙂 – 3:29
  • 1205-180a – 4:21
  • Demeter’s Pupil – 4:19
  • The Rinse – 1:25

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