Drums On Demand Intros Second Collection Of Backing Tracks

My CowriterMy Co Writer Vol. 2 features 16 original music tracks ready for your melody and lyrics. From the creators of Drums On Demand, these royalty-free Song Starts are professionally produced, live backing tracks that provide a foundation for your own composition.

The tracks were specifically written and recorded without signature hooks, so they will work with your own melody – not dictate one.

Key Features:

  • At least 16 Song Starts for you to finish (depending on volume)
  • Royalty-free license
  • Contemporary song structures and patterns
  • CD-quality mix
  • Rhythm section includes guitar, bass, piano, drums and overdubs
  • Live players — no “fake” MIDI tracks
  • Popular Yamaha C7F Acoustic Grand Piano
  • My Co-Writer Starter Guide for novice writers
  • Chord charts and song section markers
  • Optional Multitrack upgrade for complete personalization of the mix

Choose one of three formats/prices:

Music CD For Songwriters (1 CD)

Find the right Song Start to inspire you, and you’ve got a backing track that sounds like you spent big dollars in the studio. Also included is a Starter Guide with with Song Start worksheets, time markers, songwriting checklists and more.

24-Bit PC CDs For Recording Musicians (2 CDs)

If you’re a recording musician, import any of the 24-bit WAV file, stereo Song Starts into your PC or DAW, and add your own melodic hooks or other instrumentation to complement your melody, building on the Song Start rhythm section. You can add your own solo guitar for example. You can also do some editing — double a chorus, move a bridge, etc. My Co-Writer is also a great ‘live’ backing band for instrumentalist. Also included are the charts used in the recording sessions too.

Multitrack DVDs For Total Control (2 or 3 DVDs)

If you want a totally unique production and complete control of the mix, then purchase one of the two multitrack WAV file upgrades. With your recording software or DAW, take away what you don’t want. Add more of your own tracks. Tweak the mix. In addition to the multitrack files, we’ve also included many of the live MIDI files for the piano and keyboard tracks for even further modification. Choose one of two multitrack upgrades (one with stereo drums, the other with multitrack drums).

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