Review: Zero-G’s The Big Reason

The Big ReasonIf you’re looking for an easy way to inject something new into your Reason tracks, Zero-G’s The Big Reason may be the answer.

The Big Reason is a gargantuan package of over 6500 samples – over 4Gb of material. The collection is programmed for Propellerhead’s Reason as REX2, NN-19, NN-XT, Re-Drum, Malstrom, Subtractor and WAV files. The result is a massive set of beats, pads, synths, leads, guitars, effects and more.

The content covers a lot of territory, ranging from funk to trance to bizarro. It’s broken down into seven libraries:

  • Binary Finary – a dance music library from gurus of trance.
  • Chemical Comedown – pads, fx and soundscapes
  • G-Funk Era – a collection of dancefloor funk
  • Guitar Lab – electric & acoustic guitar licks, riffs, notes and chord patterns
  • Organic Chemistry – other-worldly sounds
  • Percolated Beats – live drumloops from top urban music session drummer Richie Spaven
  • Planet Bliss Loops – 700 beats suitable for all kinds of dance music

We’ve reviewed several previous Zero-G releases, and they’ve always delivered great sounding samples with obsessive-compulsive attention to detail. The Big Reason is no different.

While the library is huge, each section offers an interesting selection of sounds, beats and effects. The Binary Finary library is a standout – it’s classic trance distilled. G-Funk Era is another great libary, and offers an alternative to getting sued for sampling old funk tracks. I also really like the Organic Chemistry libray, which explores weird soundscapes and effects that weould be at home in ambient tracks or glitchtronica.

You can preview a few demo tracks using these libraries below. More demos are available at the Zero-G site.

The only caveat I have about the collection is that the seven libraries are not very closely related. If you’re just interested in funk samples, for example, the trance library could be filler to you.

All in all, The Big Reason is a massive, well-produced collection of content for Reason users. At $129, it’s fairly priced, especially if you’re interested in a collection with a lot of variety.


  • 4.2Gb of samples
  • over 3300 Rex2 Files
  • over 3300 Wav Files
  • 520 NN-XT Patches
  • 490 NN-19 Patches
  • 57 ReDrum Kits
  • 50 Malstrom Patches
  • 47 Subtractor Patches

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