Sonic Studio Ships Version 2.0 of PreMaster CD

PreMaster CD

Sonic Studio has announced a new version of their low cost premastering application, PreMaster CD 2.0, which they call “the go-to application for CD creation on the Mac.”

PreMaster CD 2.0 adds more background processing, more control and more functionality. This new release consolidates all the maintenance changes incorporated into the code base while adding the ability to support options, including Manual DeClick II and DDP File Open for both split and consolidated DDP file sets. A new Master Section, with large, adjustable metering, a master fader with dim, and convenient management of redithering parameters, offers centralized command and control. Other additions include export to BWF and AIFF along with optimized processing of waveform metadata.

PreMaster CD 2.0 is available now starting at US$495.

3 thoughts on “Sonic Studio Ships Version 2.0 of PreMaster CD

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