Bitnotic Drops “Laptop v1.0” – Free MP3 Single Featuring VX-323 Speech Synthesizer

VX-323 Robot LogoScott Burgess of Bitnotic sent us word that they’ve released Laptop v1.0, an electronic pop song MP3 featuring the voices of VX-323, Bitnotic’s free MIDI-controlled speech synthesis software for Mac OS X.

The track features the voice Junior “singing” about a laptop computer’s obsessive love for its owner. Burgess notes, “When you have a talented performer singing about a subject dear to its heart, that’s pop dynamite!”

The song was created on a PowerBook G4 using the combination of Apple’s Logic Express and VX-323. Bitnotic has published a new tutorial, Tech Dispatch 001 – VX-323 and Logic Express, which explains how to use the speech synthesizer with Logic. We’ve also published an intro to speech synthesis with VX-323.

VX-323 is a MIDI-controlled voice synthesizer software instrument for Apple Macintosh computers. The software enables electronic musicians to easily integrate real-time synthesized speech into their MIDI studios for live performances or CD-quality recording.

Pricing and Availability

“Laptop v1.0” MP3 can be downloaded from While free, Bitnotic appreciates a USD $1.00 donation if the track makes it into a your “rotation”.

VX-323 1.0b1 is available now for free download at Bitnotic’s web site. The software runs on Mac OS X version 10.4 and is a Universal Binary application.

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