New Mandala Drum Synthesizer Looks Awesome

Synesthesia‘s Mandala 2.0, a high-def virtual drum and synthesizer, looks pretty awesome. It’s a USB-based drum controller & a new type of synth, too.

Here’s a video that shows off the Mandala in action:


The Mandala 2.0 will retail for $349, and should be available November 1.

via Gizmodo

3 thoughts on “New Mandala Drum Synthesizer Looks Awesome

  1. Yeah, just a “trigger pad” eh? There’s far more intelligence in this single pad than any other “trigger pad” out there. Stop being so ignorant and look at what’s actually on the table here.

  2. Sarcasm implies some bit of intelligence but that dude is just plain dumb! Hmmmmm, the Mandala has 40 times higher strike position resolution than any other drum trigger on the planet. That’s not groundbreaking.

    There’s some sarcasm dumbass!

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