Various Artists – Angels Voices

Angels Voices is a polished new chill-out collection from Sequoia Records that is themed around the female voice.

You may know the Sequoia label for its Buddha Lounge or Hotel Tara chill-out albums. This set isn’t far off from those series, but the vibe is closer to new age than downtempo electronica.

The tracks on Angels Voices are relaxed global electronica, in the vein of Deep Forest and Enigma. The collection includes tracks from Achillea, Artemisia, Hands on Black Earth, David Gordon and Sophia. Vocalists Helene Horlyck, Irina Mikhailova, Suzanne Sterling, Sophia, and Darshini bring a human focus to the music, giving the collection a sense of life and mystery.

The selections on Angels Voices are carefully sequenced, creating a lush chilled-out vibe without becoming soporific.


  • Cape Porcupine – Achillea
  • Raknarok (Twilight Of the Gods) – Achillea
  • Odin’s Hill – Achillea
  • The Seeress Prophecy (Daydreaming) – Achillea
  • Aroha Eternal – Hands Upon Black Earth
  • The Star And the Snake – Hands Upon Black Earth
  • Her Infinite Variety – Artemisia
  • Perfumed Garden – Artemisia
  • The Faerie Muse – Artemisia
  • Staraja Ladoga – Achillea
  • Sivananda Namah Om – Karmacosmic
  • Inegration: The Beginning – Sophia
  • Othila: The Rune Masters – Achillea
  • Hi Fi Rendezvous – David Gordon

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