Moaning Lisa: The Most Bizarre Electronic Music Instrument Ever

moaning-lisaMatt Ganucheau’s Moaning Lisa is quite possibly the strangest electronic music instrument ever created. Part shock art, part artificial intelligence and part musical instrument, Moaning Lisa challenges you on many levels.

Ganucheau explains:

“The process leading to a female orgasm is a uniquely delicate challenge for both sexes leaving it a mystery to most men and women. Moaning Lisa is an instillation that examines this complex process by simplifying it into an almost game-like state. With Lisa, as in life, there are no instructions on display. This leaves each participant to discover how Lisa’s true sexual potential is unlocked.”

Lisa, a busty mannequin (link to full NSFW image), stands idly awaiting interaction. Once a participant is standing in front of her, Lisa will detect their presence using ultrasonic sensors located within her eyes. Immediately she will begin to moan softly enticing the participant to increase their level of interaction. Further interaction can occur by using any one or combination of her 6 sensors located strategically throughout her body.

Lisa’s sensors include:

  • 2 Piezo Touch Sensors are located on the posterior for grabbing, one on each cheek
  • 1 Piezo Touch Sensors is located on the back of her neck for grabbing
  • 2 Potentiometer knobs located on each nipple for tweaking
  • 1 ribbon controller located on her clitoris, measuring friction speed for rubbing

The frequency and combinations at which a participant interacts with her sensors can not only escalate her moans to a full scream but also apply additional audio effects such as delays, slicers and reverbs.

These sensors are then fed into a i/o controller board that communicates with custom software written in Max/Msp. All software processing is done inside a mac-mini hidden in a small box near her feet. This box also houses her speakers.

There’s an extensive photo collection available of Moaning Lisa’s construction at flickr. For a video overview, see this video at YouTube (NSFW).

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