Scratch Documentary Explores Birth Of Scratching & Turntablism

Scratch (2001) is a documentary film, directed by Doug Pray, that looks at the birth and evolution of hip-hop disc jockeys (DJs), scratching and turntablism.

Interviewees include:

  • Grand Wizard Theodore (the inventor of the scratch)
  • Grand Mixer Q-bert
  • Grand Mixer DXT, Z-Trip
  • Mix Master Mike
  • Rob Swift
  • DJ Premier
  • Afrika Bambaataa
  • Jazzy Jay
  • Cut Chemist
  • NuMark
  • DJ Craze
  • DJ Shadow
  • DJ Babu
  • DJ Krush
  • Madlib
  • Peanut Butter Wolf

You can watch the whole thing for free; YouTube is experimenting with hosting full movies.

BestDocumentaries, via wiretotheear

4 thoughts on “Scratch Documentary Explores Birth Of Scratching & Turntablism

  1. Very cool.

    I wish you could download this stuff and watch it on your TV, though. I can’t watch a 90 minute video on my computer.

  2. just download using bit torrents i used this site….type Torrentz into google and pick the first one that comes up then type in Turtabilism Xvid you get 6 full length dvds including….
    Qberts Wave Twisters.Dj Shadows In Tune and On Time,Dj Shadow and Cut Chemist 45s tour.
    Qbert live in Paris and Scratch the movie and full length live show…hope that helps…

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