Make Music With A #2 Pencil

Remember filling in those little ovals on tests in school with #2 pencil?

Now you can do something really fun with a #2 pencil!

Drawdio is an electronic pencil that lets you make music while you draw.

It’s an easy DIY project that lets you create a basic musical synthesizer that uses the conductive properties of pencil graphite to create different sounds. The result is a fun toy that lets you draw musical instruments on any piece of paper. 

  • Runs on a single AAA battery for many hours (even ‘nearly dead’ batteries will work)
  • Use any pencil – mechanical or plain. The kit comes with a 2B pencil, the softer the lead the better
  • Ridiculously fun for all ages

The Drawdio Kit comes with all electronic components, PCB, hardware and pencil. AAA battery and tools are not included.

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