Free Impulse Responses From Nanospace

ISM has an set of impulse responses from nanospace available as a free download:

Basically this effect occurs in nanospace at extremely low temperatures. Under these circumstances the borderline between digital and analog sound actually breaks down because sound becomes a cloud of tiny individual phonons moving in a certain direction. Just like light can be thought of as a cloud or a beam of photons.

But what’s even better: the sonic properties of phonons are very interesting and usefull for dub! For the creation of these impulse responses individual phonons were captured live using scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy. Just listen to the examples and you will have to agree. Quantized analog warmth is a reality!

You can hear preview below. More samples at the site.



  • sample size: 24 bit
  • sample rate: 44 kHz
  • audio format: wav
  • channels: mono
  • rar archive file size: 27.1 Mb
  • 10 different stereo fx: emergent gate, nano resonance, nano room, phase space, phonon blast, phonon choir, quantized timespace, quantum hall, superconductive plate, von klitzing effect

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