IndaMixx Laptop First Audio Laptop Under $500

IndaMixx has introduced a cheap Linux-based audio production laptop. 

The IndaMixx Laptop features:

  • Fast Intel Atom based Netbook (1.6Ghz)
  • Transmission 2.1 OS 
  • Pre-bundled software with award winning energy XT
  • First solution to feature ArdourXchange.
  • Over 2900 drum sounds
  • More than 350 classic sample and scratches
  • Over 260 Plugins and effects
  • Complimentary Software Support

For $499, you get:

  • Indamixx Laptop
  • Carrying case (bonus)
  • 1GB SD card (bonus)
  • Free Software Support (first 30 days)
  • Free T-shirt
  • Free Fedex Shipping (USA only)

My first reaction is that your music computer is the wrong place to cheap out. IndaMixx doesn’t list full specs on the laptop, but what they do list is unimpressive.

A more thoughtful take, though, may be to wonder what things a $500 audio workstation makes possible. 

What do you think? Is there a place for a $500 Linux audio laptop?

via CDM

2 thoughts on “IndaMixx Laptop First Audio Laptop Under $500

  1. This doesn’t appeal to me — it’s unclear who the target audience is. With that price, it may appeal to a budget-hunter, but why a laptop? Unless it’s particularly optimized for live gigging, I don’t see the benefits. Seems to be missing a solid, bundled audio I/O solution too.

  2. As a new Indamixx customer, this is a good buy.
    As I currently live in the UK (as opposed to the U S of mutha f***ing A) I bought a Acer Aspire One and then payed for the download of the Transmission OS (off the Indamixx website).
    After spending the last year and a half trying to configure a Linux OS for audio purposes (and failing. miserably) the Indamixx OS came as a life saver.
    With the addition of a USB Interface, I mainly use it for mixing/mastering acousmatic/avante garde projects. The DJ software is admittedly slightly useless for my current needs, but I still use it for sampling/re-sampling purposes to some avail.
    However, the main plus-points of Indamixx are a zero latency configuration with no hassle at all. A winner for most musicians really.

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