Is ModularDuino The Sound Of Future Modular Synthesis?

Gameboy Genius nitro2k01 has a vision for the future of modular synthesis, and it’s the ModularDuino – An Arduino based modular synthesizer.

If that sounds like a lot of supernatural mumbo-jumbo, the Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.

People are using the Arduino to do all sorts of freaky DIY stuff, so it’s only meet and right that synth DIY’ers should bend this to their will, too. The above audio sample, Funky Arduino Acid, documents the unholy marriage between the Arduinoscillator and the Serge modular synthesizer. 

nitro2k01 hopes to develop the Arduino as a low-cost component for modular synthesizer users. Arduino hackers should check out the Gameboy Genius site for more info.

Here are nitro2k01’s goals for the project:

  • 1 V/Octave frequency response for the Arduinoscillator. 
  • Implement ?M (Phase angle modulation. When most people FM, they means this) 
  • More waveforms can be added relatively easily.
  • delay module. The Arduino has the potential to store a buffer of about a second in RAM, which could be used to create a lo-fi 8-bit delay comparable to BBD delays.
  • It’s pretty possible to make waveshapers or distorsion units with a characteristic digital sound.
  • Envelopes, LFOs and perhaps sequencers with extended possibilities, editable code and a lo-fi touch.
  • filter using the Arduino. 

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