Serge Modular Now Available As DIY Eurorack Modules

Thonk has announced licensed Serge Eurorack modules, by Random*Source, will be available as DIY projects. The designs translate the original Serge circuits into Eurorack format. A range of modules is being produced in collaboration with, and under license from, Serge Tcherepnin himself. The first module to be released is a Panel/PCB set of the Serge Extended Variable Resonance Filter (VCFQ), right.… Read More Serge Modular Now Available As DIY Eurorack Modules

Extreme Serge Video For Synth Lovers Only Saturday Synth Porn: HexEnduction‘s Serge Gator and Creature video takes a deliciously fetishistic look at the details of a Serge modular synthesizer, with long, lingering macro close-ups of lurid synth action. For synth lovers only. Enjoy it, while we go turn on a fan.

Serge SSG Patch Programing The Serge Smooth / Stepped Generator is very deep. Here are a handful of patches that highlight some of the functions that can be performed through patch programming the different sections of this module. For more info and patching ideas see the SSG Hi jinx pages at